4 Popular Automotive Practical Course That You Need

The automotive practice course is extremely essential for gaining crystal clear knowledge of modern car technologies & diagnostic tests. Nowadays, the automotive practical course is in great demand in Ireland. This course mainly covers different vehicle functioning systems. This article will give you 4 essential automobile practical courses.

ABS or ESP braking system:
ABS braking system is one of the essential systems of a car. The practical course on ABS or ESP braking system mainly covers the following subjects: 

    • Associated health & safety
    • Testing actuators & sensors
    • Live data understanding
    • System structure

The aim of this practical course is to give the complete knowledge of the antilock braking system or ABS. The candidate can learn the diagnostic process easily through this practical course. This course is updated annually for reflecting advanced & latest technologies & training procedures.
Automotive Practical Courses In Ireland
Diesel engine management:
Modern car diesel engines come with a number of components & technologies. Diesel engine management practical course is extremely essential for future car mechanics in Dublin. This course is also updated yearly to cover advanced & new diesel engine technologies.The aim of this course is to provide crystal clear knowledge of diesel engine functionality of cars & vehicles. This automotive practical course mainly covers the following areas:

    • Associated health & safety
    • System Build
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
    • Live data determination
    • Fast tests
    • Auxiliary systems
    • Effective system fault determination
    • Fast none start test

Basic diagnostics:
Basic diagnostics are extremely essential for any commercial vehicle. The main objective of this automotive practical course is to deliver each & every part of the car diagnostic process. Through this practical course, the candidate can easily deal with the modern car engine management system. Apart from that, he or she can determine the fault codes with the help of basic car diagnostic tools. The basic diagnostic course is updated yearly. This course mainly covers the following areas

  • Associated health & safety
  • OBD2 or EOBD or EOBD2
  • DTC P/B/C/U
  • Actuators
  • Live-data determination
  • Freeze-frame data
  • Effective system fault determination

SRS or supplementary restraint systems:
Through this automotive practical course, the candidates can easily get the clear concept of SRS or supplementary restraint systems of the vehicles. The teaching process is mainly done at a large pace, employing smart classrooms & workshops.
This course mainly covers the following subjects:

  • Associated safety & health
  • System structure
  • Sensors and actuator inspection
  • Live data Understanding
  • Fast test
  • Effective system fault determination

All of these automobile practical courses are updated yearly with modern & latest car technologies and diagnostic systems. In addition, the entire course is flexible, convenient & economical.

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