4 Myths You May Believe Regarding Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Kirkland, WA

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Many homes here in the Kirkland area have carpets. This means yours probably does. Do you think much about your carpets? Probably not. There are a lot of other things around your home that need attention! Unless you take the time to do research, you may believe some common myths, misconceptions, and non-truths. Have you ever heard or thought any of the following?


#1 Your carpet is clean if it looks clean.

Sorry- no! Carpets can hide one pound of dirt for every square three feet and still appear clean. Plus, the average carpet contains about 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making it much more germ-filled than even a toilet seat. Toilet seats are smooth, sealed surfaces that get cleaned and disinfected regularly, so while you may think they’re disgusting they actually are pretty clean. Your carpet, on the other hand, may go years with germs, bacteria, and bugs before you get professional commercial carpet cleaning in Kirkland, WA.


#2 Germs only live on hard surfaces, like doorknobs. Germs and viruses live in your carpet and can stay there, waiting to make your and your family sick. Have you heard of the Norovirus? It is a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. It can live for up to two weeks in carpet, even regularly vacuumed carpeting. The good news is that getting carpets professionally steam cleaned at a temperature of at least 158° F for five minutes or 212° F for one minute has been shown to completely kill off Norovirus. This is just one example! You can’t wash the carpet like you wash your hands, but you can hire a professional cleaning team!


#3 Dust is on shelves and books, not the floor. While dust mites will gladly set up shop anywhere you allow them to, they are particularly fond of carpets due to their favorite foods being there (skin cells!) and the fact that you don’t wash it as often as other items around your home. If anyone in your home has a dust mite allergy, it can be anywhere from uncomfortable to dangerous to let them fill your carpets.


#4 Carpets get dirty, which means having carpet in your home is dirty.

Actually the opposite is true! Carpeting is actually one of the most powerful natural air filters, trapping dirt, dust, and germs in their fibers. This is great news for your lungs, as long as you make sure your carpet then gets cleaned. Don’t let it catch all of that tiny debris and hold onto it. Just like you change your HVAC filters, get your carpets deep cleaned in order to avoid breathing all of that in.


Vacuuming regularly on your own is not a sufficient way to deal with germs, dirt, and dust trapped in your carpets. Even the most powerful personal vacuums struggle to extract dirt and germs from the base of carpet fibers. You need to bring in the best commercial carpet cleaning in Kirkland, WA!

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