4 Label Design Trends to Drive Business In 2019

by Kristen White Blogger
Have you spent some years without changing your label design? Now is the perfect time to give your brand labels a facelift. There are some wonderful label designs to give your labels a visual makeover in 2019. It’s worth investing in redesigning your label design to match cutting edge concepts to make your products stand out on the shelves. This is the trick to win shoppers to your brand. Consider the following 4 label design trends to drive business in 2019.

Here’s a catch

Product presentation on the shelves plays a significant role in determining customer buying decision. Therefore, focus on enhancing your product visual appeal is a smart decision for your brand. This is essential especially if you’ve taken time without updating your labels. Additionally, updating your labels is required to meet new regulations. It’s also a source of potential growth for your brand. Quality labels are required for this important upgrade to give your brand a value-packed kickoff.

Modern label designing trends to consider

Sustainability sells

There’s a growing concern for environmental sustainability everywhere today. It’s no wonder that consumers look forward to practices that lessen waste. Therefore, brands that use recycled materials for their labels are a good hit. In the same light, consumers prefer products in reusable packaging for a better perception of those in regular packaging that seems to be more wasteful. Sustainable materials make a great impression on environmentally conscious customers.
Variety of looks

When selecting brand inspiration, it pays to choose labels that have various looks. Regardless of whether you want your labels to have a vintage or modern look, Avery Dennison labels are a great choice. Customers always seek authenticity when choosing a product. Therefore, it pays to use various labels so customers can choose a fashion that catches their fancy. You have to back this up with eye-catching imagery, fonts, finish, and material. 

Dual-tone simplicity

It’s a good idea to use simple visual palates that will make customers develop keen interested in your products. Perhaps you can drain color from your labels and stick to simple black and white. Your labels will have a powerful and incredibly versatile appeal resulting from the striking contrast between the two hues. Brand with labels without extraneous design elements stand out on the shelves. This requires choosing an elegant combination of dual tones.

Packaging influencing marketing

Labeling on your product package must fit into your overall marketing strategy. With the growing popularity of influencer marketing, it’s very important to mind about how your products will look in photos and videos. This will come in handy when celebrities decide to use your products. You have to use labels that will always look great when unboxed under a camera.

Other strategies to push your business forward

Use other forms of digital media

Marketing products online can be done in various ways. This might include on a company website, blog, or collaborating with individuals and companies. Ensure to market your products more using bite-sized fun videos for customers to enjoy and share quickly. Luckily, the overheads required are considerably low because you can just use an app on your smartphone.

Serve a particular niche

Most people opt for marketing a huge range of products for customers. This gives chance to make a choice. However, real business growth might come from focusing on serving a particular niche. It’s no wonder that rapidly growing companies make a name from a particular product than a range of products. Customers who purchase that product become loyal. Offering a wide range of products might make customers confused and discouraged from purchasing anything.

Seek customer referrals

Satisfied customers make good brand ambassadors. Don’t assume that shoppers just suggest a product to their friend. It’s better to make them do the recommendation. A wonderful idea is to adopt referral incentives for attracting new customers to your brand. With the anticipation of a reward, you’ll see a significant increase in the customers flocking your business.

Consider potential new customers

Sometimes, business owners are caught up in minding about things like price points and product offering when designing a business growth strategy. These are useful but it’s important to make projections for the big picture. This should put in mind the potential markets you’re targeting plus other demographic segments. It’s also important to shift perception of offering and capturing new markets.

Bottom line

Labeling plays a significant role in the brand presentation. The label trends need consideration to make your brand achieve success this year.

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