4 Gemstones Jewelry That Every Women Should Have

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In accordance with the traditional classification, the precious gemstones mainly include only the diamond, precious emerald, ruby, and sapphire that are quite rare, stunningly rich, bright, and sparkling gems. Rest all the gemstones are considered semi-precious stones. Then again, the assigned order is rather transient as also slightly less translucent rubies and sapphire gemstones are granted among all the semi-precious stones, while tourmaline, in case it is very bright and attractive, is viewed as precious and highly valuable stone (it is normally classified as a semi-precious gemstone). When it comes to the comparison of gemstones then the cost of precious gemstones is always higher than the semi-precious gemstone

Semi-precious stones with a crystalline formation – amethyst, citrine crystal, topaz, garnet – all these gemstones are often used in jewelry. Similarly, gems with an impressive effect are valued highly, for instance, a moonstone or labradorite with a unique colorful shine, a sunstone with an internal glow, a shining coal-black onyx, and an agate with an appealing pattern. As semi-precious stones are considerably less expensive and their characteristics profoundly varied, the popularity of such jewelry is rising rapidly.

Jewelry may be fancied on different bases – there are women whose wisdom is based only on the face of the gemstone, but there are also many clients who crave to have a gem with a particular result or interest. In terms of power, there is not much variation if the moonstone shines in rainbow colors or not. If the stone does then it will get an expensive gemstone for jewels, if not, it will be rock-dropped round and sold in obscure shops. Only gems with an equivalent structure can be utilized as gemstones as they require to be tumbled and set in the piece of jewelry while also seeing beauty on every side.

But which crystals should be described in every woman’s jewelry box? Here we have mentioned our selection of the top 4, considering both their color and consequence.

1. MOONSTONE – Power of The Women

Moonstone, which is considered as an alternative June birthstone is admired for its blue to white adularescence - a billowy, moon-light shine. The stone is found all over the world. This calming gemstone is a favorite choice of jewelry too. 

Moonstone Quality

Moonstones show rich, elegant, and shimmering color play consequences, also known as adularescence, which makes the gemstone value having. Moonstone which is called the stone of new beginnings is desired and appreciated for its adularescence impact, luster, cut, clarity, rarity, and carat weight. These certain parameters define the quality of Moonstone and as per these parameters, the quality of the moonstone can be assessed easily. These parameters include cut, color, carat, and clarity of the stone. The Price of the moonstone depends on the inclusions present on the stone, color, carat weight, and cut of the stone. 

In terms of power, the moonstone is definitely regarded as a women’s best friend. In appreciation of its rich character and spiritual bluish glow, the stone has been recognized as the symbol of pistillate appeal and power since ancient times. Moonstone is considered definitely the gem to support you to stand up orderly and reveal your female wishes better. From the functional side, when it comes to the suitability of the moonstone jewelry with the outfit then it can be easily matched with clothes of any color. It inspires even the most refined evening gowns for formal events.

2. Citrine – a woman’s abundant life

Citrine gemstone which is referred to as Sunela stone in Hindi, is a natural gemstone of a semi-precious gemstone family. The stone comes in a range of color that ranges from yellow to golden brown colored. This semi-precious gemstone is the part of Quartz mineral family and is used as a substitute for a Pukhraj stone. According to Indian Vedic astrology, this yellow gemstone is used as the substitute (upratna) of beloved Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj) to attain wealth, good social status, higher learning and intelligence, health, and progeny bliss. It is also considered as the alternating birthstone of November in Indian western astrology.

It is believed that the Indian Vedic astrology relates Citrine (Sunela Rashi ratan) with the noble planet ‘Jupiter’. It is stated that using a good quality, natural Citrine stimulates Jupiter in the wearer’s horoscope and encourages the person to gain higher intelligence, enlightenment, good financial status, and professional achievement in life. Indian Vedic astrology prescribes this Sunela ratan for Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces) Rashi wearer. According to Western astrology, this stone is recommended birthstone for the Sagittarius sun sign.

It is quite easy to fall in love with citrine as there is no other attraction in the brilliant gemstone world to engage in such a whimsical game with the sun. It can simply bring a smile to your face, it directs joy both in its quality and appearance. It is a vital part of your wardrobe in summer when you attend to wear more happy and colorful clothes. Citrine gemstone is considered as a particularly fun accent on clothes with green hues but why not combine it with a formal black dress with a touch of radiance.

3. Amethyst – a woman’s religious development

Amethyst is a violet-colored gemstone of a semi-precious gemstone of the Quartz mineral family. This blue-colored gemstone is used as the substitute for the Natural blue sapphire gemstone or Neelam stone. This Blue colored semi-precious gemstone is worn to defeat financial stress, professional instability, and unhealthy addictions. 

Amethyst Gemstone which has an important place in Vedic astrology (meaning Jamuniya, Katela, or Ketela in Hindi) is connected with the planet Saturn(As it is considered as the substitute of blue sapphire). This magical stone is exhibited to encourage the weaker placed Saturn as well as to serve the profit from its favorable control in a person’s horoscope or birth chart. In accordance with Vedic astrology, the stone is prescribed for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) Rashi wearer. In Western astrology, the stone is assigned as the birthstone for Pisces. This blue-colored Amethyst can also be worn by Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus.

A woman grows throughout her life. Beginning as a girl, then as a sister and a friend, then as a lady and a mom – and ultimately still more familiar to herself. Due to its powerful vibration, amethyst is considered a good guide on a woman’s path of growth.

With its dark purple color shade, the amethyst gemstone is ideal with lilac or lavender. It gives a cool accent with the light color clothes.

4. PEARL – a woman’s beauty and delicacy

Pearl stones (Moti) are natural and organic gemstones found in the deep ocean by marine creatures. These beautiful gemstones are the only gemstones that are determined by live creatures (shelled mollusks). These gemstones are made up of nacre which is often a mixture of aragonite and conchiolin. The ‘Pearl‘ is a term that is procured from the Middle English word “perle”, which changed into the Latin word “Perna” which means “leg”, This gem is described to the powerful planet ‘Moon’. Usually, planet Moon has signified calmness, peace, health, wisdom in the life of human beings. Pearl gemstones are found in different sizes, colors, and shapes. These white-colored pearl gems are found on the plots of the oysters that endured deep inside the ocean.

Ornaments with pearls is an ageless classic. This organic gemstone looks stunning with the jewelry and perfect outfit. Although pearl is not a crystal, women have embellished themselves with it during history. Pearls are requisite in bridalwear and the richness created by the interaction between white on white is truly surprising. It is at least uniformly excellent versus a black background, for instance, as an accomplice to another timeless exemplar, the little black dress.

Amongst many of the typical definitions of pearls, grace and kindness place the highest. By wearing pearl gem, you send a clear message that you have delegated or are making peace with yourself and you trust yourself and your unique beauty exactly as you are.

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