4 Essential Places that Must Be Equipped with Wheelchair Ramps

by Isabel Blamey Professional writer
A big problem that people with movement disability face in their life is non-ability to access or move into whichever places they wish to. Whether they wish to visit a friend’s house or want to do some shopping around the high-street storefronts, they first think whether there would be any way to let in their wheelchairs to those places. While no doubt, we cannot lessen their pain or agony of immobility, but the least we can do is to help them move independently and confidently by laying commercial or residential wheelchair ramp in the respective places. 

Well, every country’s provide the right to move to their citizens, irrespective of their disabilities. So, here we are pointing out certain places where installing wheelchair or disability ramps will help to ensure the equal rights to access for all. 

Supermarkets or Storefronts

It’s obvious that a physically handicapped person will not be a regular shopper or will go out every day to buy daily essentials. But, what if they ever wish to accompany their family member in one of the shopping experiences? Moreover, there may be instances when a young physically disabled or injured or sick person wants to visit a shop to get some essential items because his or her family members are out of town or away for some time. Thus, most high-street local shops, as well as supermarkets, should be considering to lay commercial handicap ramp to welcome their loyal customers even at their distressful body condition. 

Educational Institutes

From academic schools to universities and research institutes, all must be mandatorily laid with a wheelchair ramp to allow everyone to pursue their learning and educational interests, irrespective of their physical condition. Though big schools or high-grade institutes already have them, it is now essential for all educational centres in the country to be equally awakened to this condition and establish ramps along the main entryways and parking areas.

ATMs or Banks

Most never thought of this but banks or ATMs do need to have ramps. It is generally expected that any disabled, very elder, injured or sick person will not be visiting a bank or ATM to get finances as any normal person often do but there may be emergency incidents! There may happen that no one is around and a disabled person wants to get some money to buy something or get any services. Not only that, but any handicapped person might also be needed to visit a bank accompanying another person to complete any formal procedures, for signature, for withdrawal approvals, or any other essential purpose. Thus, contemplating these rare instances, a bank or ATM centre needs to provide a ramp, even temporary portable ramp for the disabled persons. 

Recreation Places

There’s no room for doubt that recreation or some amusement is the biggest stress reliever for handicapped or sick or elder persons who are caged within 4 walls all the time. Besides, visiting a park and spending time amidst nature is also blissful for the family member who has to take care of a handicapped person 24x7. So, parks, amusement centres, and places like movie theatres, museums, library, and art galleries should be installed with ramps. 

The accessibility problem is a bigger problem for a handicapped person more than the pain or treatment that they go through. Thus, the best that their family can do is provide them with equal rights to move in and out of the house with a permanent residential wheelchair ramp. Likewise, if the shop owners, educational centres, markets, banks, and recreational places think a bit for them and install the commercial ramps, life could be easy and far better for them. 

Author bio: The author is an expert physiotherapist and a social activist who is promoting disability rights and advocates the use of residential wheelchair ramp and commercial ramps. He writes blogs on freedom of movement at all public places through which he tells the ramp sellers to fabricate extensive and safe commercial handicap ramp for ensuring free accessibility of the disabled ones.

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