4 Different Reasons Chest Pain in Kids – Listen to a Cardiologist in Kolkata

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Heart pain is a dangerous and scary thing for everyone. It is often expected in the case of elderly patients. However, when a little kid or a teenager suffers from a chest pain, it is natural that the parents will become obviously apprehensive about what is happening to the patient. However, when they are rushed to a cardiologist, most of the time, the reason is not something related to the heart. This is the reason why, being a parent, you need to have a clear understanding of the causes that can cause severe chest pain for your kids.

Though, here I am telling you that the chest pain is not always because of the heart issues or attack, yet you must not ignore it when the signs start showing up. As it is not always easy to detect for any layman what can go wrong with the kids, it is always advised that you rush to a doctor, preferably a cardiologist in Kolkata so that you can assure about the real reason of the pain and get immediate treatment.

Now, take a look at the following points to get a proper insight into the reasons that can cause chest pain in kids.

Musculoskeletal Causes

One of the most common causes of chest pain in kids is due to the irritation in the chest wall or medically known as musculoskeletal causes. If the kid is reporting about a growing pain, then there are high chances that he or she is affected with costochondritis or inflammation in the joints of rib and breastbone. In the cases of inflammation, getting anti-inflammatory medication is necessary. If you are going to a cardiologist, he or she might refer the kid to the orthopedic to get a consultation. Another most common type of pain is due to precordial catch. This kind of pain suddenly appears and then disappears too. The main reason for this kind of pain is yet to be found out. However, in any case, if the pain shows up, rushing to the physician immediately is a necessary step you must take. Also read this article on latest bengali news paper.

Lung Causes

Is your kid suffering from asthma? If yes, then he or she might feel tightness in his or her chest and shortness of breath, resulting unrest in the chest. This can be one of the most common lung causes of chest pain for kids. If the chest pain is accompanied by fever, then it can be the symptom of lung infection. It is better to treat the disease immediately before it starts disrupting the breathing. Severe and persistent chest pain can be the reason of pneumothorax. It will also need medical attention immediately so that the doctors can give the kid the right medicine that will provide relief soon.

Stomach Causes

If your kid is experiencing the chest pain just after the meal or in the middle of the night while sleeping, then it can be caused by acid. The long gap between meals, irregular food habit, and junk food can be contributory factors for such severe chest pain. If you notice this kind of pain, get antacid immediately as it will give your kid some relief.

Cardiac Causes

In 95% of the cases of chest pain in kids can be non-cardiac syndromes. However, if you are noticing that the child is experiencing chest pain during and after exercising that is accompanied by fever and even passing out, then it can be a severe cardiac issue. Pericarditis or inflammation in the sack that surrounds the heart can be one of the major reasons why the kid is feeling the chest pain. If you notice such a situation, schedule an appointment with a cardiologist immediately.

So, now as you know about these 4 reasons for chest pain in kids, look out for the signs and make sure that they get treated immediately.

Author Bio: Dr. S Mani is a famous cardiologist in Kolkata. Here he writes on the reasons of chest pain in kids. 

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