4 Common Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure

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Many people are suffering from asbestos exposure. In the US, you will find that many people have asbestos-related illnesses, while many have lost relatives and friends through asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer and more. Many of these people affected by the exposure to the hazardous material worked in asbestos mining sites, construction sites, chemical plants, manufacturing companies or even lived near industries releasing asbestos to the atmosphere. After getting exposed to asbestos, symptoms don’t show up immediately, but after 10 or more years. What are some of the symptoms you can experience? Continue reading for all the details.

How Much Asbestos Exposure Is Harmful? There Is No Safe Amount.

1.       Breathing complications and chest pains

Breathing complications is one of the main symptoms that comes with the common diseases associated with asbestos exposure. After getting exposed to asbestos, asbestos fibers accumulate in the lungs over time. As a result of long term exposure, you will start to have breathing difficulties and chest pains. For instance, when you have mesothelioma, asbestosis or lunch cancer, you are likely to experience shortness of breath and chest pain.

2.       Persistent coughing

Asbestos fibers will damage your lungs. And as a result, you are likely to experience painful and persistent coughing. Asbestosis is one of the illnesses you can suffer after asbestos exposure, and one of the symptoms of this illness is persistent dry cough. When it comes to mesothelioma, you are likely to experience painful coughing that doesn’t go away. When it comes to lung cancer, you can experience painful coughing with blood.

3.       Unexplained weight loss

This is another common symptom of asbestos exposure, but you are likely to experience it when the disease has gone to another level. Mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestos cause unexplained weight loss to patients. However, patients can lose appetite and that can contribute to the weight loss. Therefore, if you know you were exposed to asbestos for a long time, and years later you realize you are losing weight fast and have other symptoms mentioned, consider going for a checkup.

4.       Clubbed fingertips and toes

This symptom is mainly associated with asbestosis. You will find that your fingertips and toes are clubbed. This is as a result of lung damage and that causes low blood level of oxygen. You know that asbestos fiber can damage your lung completely. Therefore, when you see your fingers and toes are clubbing, consider seeking medical attention as soon as possible.

What next after symptoms show up?

As mentioned symptoms will not show up until after many years of exposure. Therefore, when symptoms show up, you need to seek treatment and have some tests done to confirm whether the symptoms are as a result of asbestos exposure or not. After that, you will get treatment, but some of the conditions cannot be cured.

Final Words

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