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Present, television is considered as the main source of entertainment and learning for many people, especially the youth. All television programs such as commercials, news, and cartoon, have a great influence on people of all ages in different ways. Television occupies a great place in our life. Television has become a part of a basic household item. Children in the family are mostly influenced by the contents of the television.  And the fact is that we cannot stay without it.

LED TV is a flat panel display that uses light-emitting diodes to backlight the display in place of clod cathode fluorescent lights that are used in LCD TVs. An LED is a semiconductor device that discharges visible light when an electric current passes through it. LEDs have extensively lower power requirements and convert power to light more efficiently.  So they consume less power when compared with LCD TV. You can experience to see a better picture quality if you use LED Television. Best LED TV Repair Services provided by Doorstep Hub.

Mainly LED TVs consists of four components, they are

  • Main Board
  • Two Power supply Boards
  • LED Driver
  • T-Con Board

Main Board

The main board controls your TV inputs and outputs; this the main board is connected to the backlight inverter/Led driver through a ribbon cable.

Two Power supply Boards

The LED TV has two Power supply boards. Here we have a G7 power supply board that provides power to the backlight inverter or LED driver via cable. The two power supply boards are joined to each other. The second power supply is called the G6 power supply. The G6 power supply connects to the main board and to a power-saving switch located on the outside of the TV. One goes to the switch and another connection goes to the main board.

LED Driver

The Backlight inverter or Led driver has a cover that has to be removed by unscrewing, this is what supply power to turn on the backlighting for the TV. LED TVs are the same as LCD TVs with one exception, the cause of illumination for the screen and the board that makes that illumination.LED TVs uses CCFLs, cold cathode, fluorescent lamps. The screen though an LED TV and LCD TV are the same.

T-Con Board

T-con board is covered, so if you are doing any repairs to the backlight inverter/ LED drivers or the T-Con board, you will want to remove the covers for each of them before you replace the board. Removing the covers can be simply done by removing the screws that hold them to the panel. T-Con board actually takes the image and sends it to the panel which makes it'll show up on the screen. The T-Con board is connected to the LED driver or backlight inverter and then connects to the panel by two cables.


Problems with LED TV:

Most common problems that you experience with your LED TVs are:

  • If your TV will not turn on and you have no power on your TV that is most likely a problem with power supply, here you need to consult a TV service repair center.
  • Your TV would turn on you could have sound but you have no image on the screen and no backlights, then it could be a problem with the LED driver.
  • If your inputs are working and you have no signal from the HDMI connection, the tuner connection, and the RCA connection or any of that etc that could be a bad main board.
  • You can also have vertical lines on your screen or half of the screen is missing a picture then it could be a problem with your T-Con Board.

If you have any of these problems or any other issues with your LED TVs, you can contact nearby LED TV Repair Services center.

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