300KW Cummins genset NTAA855-G7 generators

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

300KW Cummins genset is made by us

1.Diesel generator set specification

Genset model: XG-300GF

Engine model: Chongqing Cummins NTAA855-G7

Alternator: Wuxi Stamford HCI 444FS1

Controller: Deep Sea 7320 MKII

Country of Origin: China

Genset type: open type/silent canopy type/mobile trailer type

Manufacturer: Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.


2.Diesel engine data

General engine data

Manufacturer: Chongqing Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd.


Prime power:343KW/460HP

Standby power:377KW/505HP

Cylinders: 6

Speed: 1500 r/min

Displacement: 14L

Bore x Stroke: 140 x 152 mm

Fuel System: direct injection Cummins PT

Aspiration: Turbocharged & Air-Air Cooled

Fuel Consumption: 85.4L/h(100% prime), 64.7L/h (75% prime), 44.6L/h (50% prime), 24.6L/h(25%).

All data is based on: 

 --Engine operating with fuel corresponding to grade No.2-D per ASTM D975.

 --ISO 3046, Part1, Standard Reference Conditions of : Barometric Pressure:100kPa(29.5in.Hg);Air Temperature:

25°C (77°F) ; Relative Humidity: 30% Output Power Fuel Consumption

 --Engine Operating with fuel system, water pump, lubricating oil pump, air cleaner and exhaust silencer, fan, and optional driven components.

Reference Standards:BS-5514 and DIN-6271 standards are based on ISO-3046.

 Open Type 300kw Cummins genset

Engine mounting

Maximum Allowable Bending Moment at Rear Face of Block - 1000 lb./ft. (1356 N/m) 

Exhaust system

Maximum Allowable Back Pressure -3.0in.Hg ( 10 kPa)  

Standard Exhaust Pipe Diameter - 5.0in. (127mm) 

Air induction system

Maximum Allowable Intake Air Restriction

 -With Clean Filter Element -  3.74 in. H2O (15kPa) 

 -With Dirty Filter Element - 25 in. H2O (6.22 kPa) 

Maximum Intake Pressure Fall from Turbo to Intake Manifold - 5.0PSI (17 kPa)  

Maximum Intake Manifold Temperature Rise - 43 °F (24 °C) 

Minimum Dirt Holding Capacity - 25g/CFM (  53 g/L/s ) 

Cooling system 

Coolant Capacity - Engine Only -5.5 U.S. gal (20.8L)

 -With Radiator - 16.0U.S. gal ( 60.6 L) 

Maximum Coolant Friction Head External to Engine -  6 PSI (41kPa)

Maximum Coolant Pressure (exclusive of Pressure Cap) -  40PSI (276 kPa) 

Maximum Static Head of Coolant Above Engine Crank Centerline -46ft. (14.0 m)   

Standard Thermostat (Modulating) Range - 180 - 202 °F (82 - 94 °C) 

Minimum Allowable Pressure Cap -7.0 PSI (48.2kPa) 

Maximum Coolant Temperature - 205 °F (96°C) 

Maximum Top Tank Temperature -  212 °F (100°C)

Minimum Top Tank Temperature - 160°F ( 71°C)  

Minimum Coolant Expansion Space - 5% of System Capacity  

Minimum Coolant Makeup Capacity - U.S. gal (L)

Lubrication system 

Oil Pressure @ Idle Speed - Min 15PSI (103 kPa)  

 @ Governed Speed - 35-50PSI (241 - 345kPa) 

Maximum Allowable Oil Temperature - 250°F ( 121°C)  

Oil Pan Capacity - Low / High - 7.5 / 9.5U.S. gal. (28.4 / 36.0L)  

Total System Capacity - 10.2U.S. gal. (38.6L)  

Angularity of Oil Pan - Front Down/Front Up/Side to Side 38°/38°/38°

Fuel system 

Type Injection System Direct Injection Cummins PT

Maximum Allowable Restriction to Fuel Pump

 -With Clean Fuel Filter - 4.0 in.Hg (13.5 kPa) 

 -With Dirty Fuel Filter - 8.0in.Hg (27.1kPa) 

Maximum Allowable Head on Injector Return Line

 -With Check Valve - 22.0in.Hg (6.5kPa)  

 -Without Check Valve - 8.5in.Hg (2.5kPa)  

Minimum Fuel Supply Line Size - 0.625in. (16mm)  

Minimum Fuel Return Line Size - 0.5in. ( 13mm)  

Maximum Fuel Pump Supply - (371L)  

Fuel Rail Pressure - 149PSI (1028kPa)

Maximum Fuel Temperature  71°F (160°C) 

Electrical system

Minimum Recommended Battery Capacity - 24V 

 -Cold Soak (No Load) - 900CCA

 - Minimum Reserved Capacity -320CCA

 -Cold Soak (With Load) - 900CCA

 - Minimum Reserved Capacity - 320CCA

Maximum Allowable Resistance of Cranking Circuit - 0.002ohm. Standard Cranking Motor (Heavy Duty , Positive Engagement24volt. Standard Battery Charging System. Negative Ground 35Ampere. 

Performance data

Idle Speed -575-650r/min  

Maximum No-Load Governed Speed -1800r/min  

Maximum over Speed Capability - 2700r/min  

Minimum Crankshaft Rotation for unaided Cold Start - 150r/min 

Minimum Torque for unaided Cold Start - 375lb.ft. (509Nm) 

Exhaust Sound Pressure at 1m from Exhaust Outlet -1500r/min -dBA N/A

3.Alternator data 

Alternator: Wuxi Stamford HCI 444FS1

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