3 Ways To Keep People Lingering On Your Website For Longer

by Liz Seyi Digital marketing manager

Sure – keeping visitors to your website actually on your website, instead of hitting that browser ‘back’ button, might not be your number one priority when talking to digital marketing and Website Design Companies In The Uk such as our own.

What if you can get people who land on your site’s pages to stick around, though? Because if you do, there’s a greater likelihood that they will read your content and actually go as far as purchasing from you or taking some other meaningful action.

After all, if visitors are impressed enough by your site to stay on it for longer than they do your competitors, this is a sign that they are actually engaged by what you have to offer. So, how can you give your site visitors more reasons to linger on your pages?

Here are a few tips.

Give them what they’re expecting

Let’s say that a given person is browsing the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a particular term – whether that’s ‘how to make a cheesecake’, ‘art galleries near me’ or indeed, ‘website design companies in the UK’. They then spot your page title in the results... but how well-matched is that page title to what they will actually get if they click on it?

If your content doesn’t keep the promise made by the headline, well... there’s a good chance the visitor will quickly click ‘back’ on their browser and head to one of your rivals’ pages.

Make your content easy to understand

With past research having suggested that visitors only tend to stay on a website for a few seconds on average, you won’t want anything on your pages that gives them an easy excuse to abandon your site and look elsewhere.

Bear in mind that site visitors these days are unlikely to read blocks of text on your pages like a book – or at least, not unless they have scanned your page content for relevance first.

So, making your site content easily ‘scannable’ and understandable should be one of your top priorities. Have you, for example, made good use of subheadings, images and perhaps even quotes to break up your content?

It also helps to split your content into paragraphs, and to keep sentences relatively short. Bullet points and numbered lists can further boost ‘scannability’ – and don’t forget to use a font size that’s big enough to easily read, too.

Boost your page loading speeds

One thing that’ll definitely waste those aforementioned first few seconds you desperately need to make good use of when trying to make an impression on visitors, is a slow page loading time.

Sure enough, studies by Think with Google have previously indicated that 53% of visitors to a mobile site will leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Thankfully, there are plenty of good ways to shave those invaluable seconds and milliseconds off the loading times for a website these days. You might consider, for example:

  • Compressing the images on your site without impacting on their quality
  • Making sure your chosen hosting option actually meets your needs
  • Enabling browser caching
  • ...and much more.

Would you like to talk to the team behind one of the premier Website Design Companies In The Uk, about how you can get more people clicking, staying and converting on your brand’s site this year? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with PENNInk Productions, whether by phone or email.

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