3 Social Media Tools That Help Marketers Save Time

by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder

Hootsuite and

Hootsuite is my favorite social media tool. I use this practically daily. Hootsuite is a client manager that handles updates or post (called Tweets on Twitter) to your Twitter account. At least that was the original use. It has since evolved into managing posts for other social media accounts as well when integrated with more on that in just a moment. You can learn more about Hootsuite by doing social media course of digital marketing course in Delhi from Techstack.

Schedule Your Upgrades

There are just two really terrific time saving features in Hootsuite. The first is that you can schedule your tweets with Hootsuite. In case you have information which you want to place several times (such as a new advertising that your business is running) you can create one or two Tweets about that and schedule them to be sent out over a period of a few hours, days, or even weeks. Make sure you copy the tweet so you can paste it back into the upgrade area without having to retype it each time. You can even write several different tweets at a single sitting (or find substance to retweet) and schedule these so they are tweeted afterwards- you don't want to bombard your followers with too much information at one time. Studies have shown that there are optimal times in which to tweet something because tweets at those times are more inclined to be read and retweeted, helping increase awareness of your upgrade or post.

One Post, Many Places

The second major time-saving feature is that Hootsuite integrates with will send you tweets, upgrades, posts, etc. directly to heaps of social media networks. Of course, you need to setup accounts with those different social media networks and give permission to article through them, but once you have completed these 2 steps you can just post to either directly or to Hootsuite and that article is going to be broadcast to all of those social media networks. This is a tremendous time saver for me and why I totally love these 2 tools!

Take Control


Another related feature I like about Hootsuite is I can decide which posts I want rebroadcast through and which I need only broadcast on Twitter by selecting with a check mark my icon on Hootsuite. If I do so Hootsuite will broadcast to and through However, when I leave it unchecked it will broadcast only to Twitter. Additionally, there are other ways to handle which posts go to which social media networks by using hashtags (the # symbol). If you would like Twitter to post to your LinkedIn account, just append the hashtag #li or hashtag #in to your tweets and they will be submitted to LinkedIn as well (but only if you setup LinkedIn and Twitter to work this way- call me directly in the event that you need more assistance with this). Facebook and Twitter can also be linked together to place to either and broadcast to the other but should you use it is much simpler. And many folks, me included, do not want to post the exact same information to their friends and family on Facebook that they do on Twitter and elsewhere. Using Hootsuite and gives you more control over this but it is going to ask you to log in and post updates to your personal Facebook profile separately. FYI, you can post to your business's Facebook fan page without posting to your personal Facebook page.

Easy Links

There are a couple of other features I want to quickly mention. Hootsuite comes with a URL shortener that will take your website or any webpage's URL and change it to a much shorter URL it matches more easily with the 140 character guidelines Twitter and other networks place on you. To use it you simply copy the long URL and paste it into Hootsuite's shortener (which sits on the page directly beneath the posting area) and click on the button which states "Shrink it" and it viola- the URL is now shorter and trackable.

Track It

Trackability is my favorite feature of Hootsuite. Once your URLs are shortened, Hootsuite can track anytime somebody clinks on the link. This permits you to track which posts are most popular so you can create more enjoy them. In addition, I use another little trick that helps me know which time daily a post gets the most clicks. I schedule the exact same article to be delivered multiple times in a day- or over several days- and I use the URL shortener each time I create a post. This changes the brief URL which has a tracking code, meaning it tracks each post separately and doesn't lump them all into the same category. I then simply track each link to see which one receives the most clicks. Learn more about quickbooks support in usa.

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