3 Skincare Miracles Of Oil Control Face Mask

by CIEL Skin care Beauty & Fashion

Clay masks do miracles when treating acne. Along with being rich in many beneficial minerals, a clay mask for oily skin has the capacity to draw out and soak up impurities that cause acne. Since a face mask for oily skin is packed with absorbent, exfoliating, and astringent properties, it tackles the root causes of acne while treating its present symptoms.


You will learn more about acne-prone skin and why oil control masks are a must for everyone with oily skin!


Pro tip: Consider trying CIEL Oil Control Face Mask to combat the oiliness and acne of your skin.


Why choose the best clay mask for oily skin?


Clay has been used widely for a long time by skincare enthusiasts and all for good reasons. The usage of this remarkable ingredient started in the Mesopotamian era, to heal wounds, soothe inflammation and cleanse the skin thoroughly. 


Ancient Egyptians used a combination of clay with olive oil to make skin-softening soaps. Along with this, it is a known fact that even Cleopatra applied a dead sea clay mask twice a week to purify her complexion. At the present time, clay is still used in various in-spa and at-home treatments, such as detoxifying body wraps and clarifying face masks.


What are the benefits of using a clay mask for oily skin?

1. It removes impurities and shrinks pores

Every pimple starts with a clogged pore, and the first step in treating acne is getting rid of the dead skin cells by clearing blockages. CIEL Oil Control Face Mask helps detoxify the skin and draw out any impurities and oil present on the surface of your skin. Using this clay mask is highly beneficial for acne or oily skin. 


A clay mask is like a magnet as it contains negatively charged particles that tie to positively charged impurities such as toxins and bacteria and then pull them from the open and clogged pores. This further helps relieve congestion from the clogged pores and enables them to shrink back to as they were before.


2. It helps restore the balance of the skin


One of the causes of acne is excessive oil production. When your skin produces more sebum than required, the pores start enlarging and stretching to hold in the surplus sebum production. 


Along with coating the surface of your skin, this excess oil can get trapped within the pores. This is where it combines with dead skin and bacteria, and causes breakouts. Having that said, you do not have to dry out your skin and suck all the moisture because sebum is crucial for skin health. Also, it lubricates and softens the surface of your skin. A clay mask for oily skin has a unique ability to absorb excess oil without stripping off the natural moisture levels, giving you a balanced complexion. 


3. Clay mask can be used by people of all skin types

The best thing about clay masks is that they are suitable for all skin types. Even if you do not experience acne or have normal or dry skin, you can safely use clay masks as they are rich in minerals and acids beneficial for your skin. Clay face masks contain different ingredients that can cure various skin conditions.


How to use an oil control face mask?

Now that you know the advantages of using a clay mask for oily skin, you may want to start using it!


So, here are a few steps that you should keep in mind when applying a clay mask on your face:


● Make sure to start with a freshly cleansed face. 

● Always apply a tiny amount of product evenly on your face and neck.

● Let the mask dry for at least ten to fifteen minutes. 

● Wash with lukewarm water when the face is slightly moist.

● Get rid of any residue clinging to your face using damp washcloth. 


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