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The IT-sphere continues to develop actively, which gives rise to a variety of specialties and jobs for everyone who wants to connect themselves with the world of programming. In order to achieve heights in this direction, it is worth having the necessary data set, as well as having a special talent. The IT industry provides for regular courses, including the knowledge of popular programming languages.

In order for a developer to remain in demand in their professional field, they should take the time to get acquainted with the most in-demand programming languages ​​in 2021, as well as move on to learning those basics that have not yet been comprehended. This will allow you to approach new heights in your career, which is directly proportional to the increase in income.
Rating of the 3 most popular programming languages
Compiling this ranking, I relied on various analytical data and numerous studies regarding the popularity of programming languages ​​in practice. This data is collected by special services, but each has its own algorithm - the frequency of mention in search engines, the questions asked on the forums, the number of projects with their participation. In any case, it is not possible to say for sure that one or another programming language is actually the most popular. But after analyzing the information I found, I concluded that there are 7 programming languages ​​that can be called in demand. The task of the reader is simplified, because he only needs to get acquainted with the information I have analyzed.

For the first time, Python became known in programming back in 1991. It is simple, but not capable of boasting in performance. I will substantiate every statement in this regard.
The language is simple, but a beginner will encounter a few of its tricks, however, nothing terrible is expected. To resolve issues, there are methods proposed by the developer. Often, Python is recommended for those who are just getting to know the world of the IT industry. For this reason, it often appears in the programmer training course. Everything is extremely clear and intuitively simple.

Performance in this case lags behind compared to other languages ​​that will be in the TOP. Python is often referred to as "slow" for a reason. There are a number of tasks ahead of him that he will not even be able to cope with. But it's not all bad. For some purposes, it performs well, so much so that you do not notice the difference between Python and any other programming language.
Specialists use it much more often in system administration than other languages. Python is great at getting in touch with small utilities.
The programming language is convenient, but you can find a better replacement for it. Most often, developers prefer to use Python as a replacement or addition to their projects. In general, by 2022 it is worth learning it, but it is not recommended to dwell only on the acquired knowledge, otherwise most work tasks will remain impossible.

This is the oldest language in the TOP. It is used by those who continue to work with Microsoft and Windows. A good solution for developers of virtual games, you can create applications using the 3D engine in Unity. Demanded option, more than once experienced changes. Today there are 2 of its versions C++ and C, the difference in the creation of which is 13 years in favor of the first. It is also worth noting why a programmer needs to learn them. They have influenced other languages ​​that modern developers work with. Of course, each version has undergone a number of changes, but over the years they continue to carry the main idea of ​​their creators.
A number of improvements are explained by the fact that when the C language was created in 1972, PCs were distinguished by modest performance properties. The programmer needed to find an approach to save resources. At that time, programming was reduced to the concept of how a personal computer physically functions. Now the situation is quite different.

C and C++ have a reputation as languages ​​that will help the developer "squeeze all the juice" out of the hardware. They are used in such cases. For example, they are found in gaming software.

You need to learn C languages. When studying C and C ++, a specialist will begin to better understand how a PC works in general, how the code works. This is a very useful set of knowledge. In general, it is definitely not worth looking for easy ways in programming. The deeper you delve into the topic, the better the end result will be.

For quite a long time, Java has been a leader in the TOP of popularity. Developers preferred to work with it because of its cross-platform nature. It was well combined with different OS and hardware systems. Its creators made a big contribution to this, who used the layout and execution of the main code on different platforms. It just wasn't without its drawbacks. Java has a complex code, and calling it “beautiful” does not turn the tongue.
It definitely needs to be taught. Quite highly paid specialists cooperate with him. Their level of income, relying on the data of the average salary in the capital of the Russian Federation, is 140-167,000 rubles per month.

People who know Java specialize in web development, creating virtual applications for mobile phones and desktop devices. The popularity of this language has come since its development in 1995. It is used mainly in the backend direction. There is an opinion that Java is outdated and needs to be changed, but it is still worth learning. For more than 2 decades, there have been rumors that “Java will die soon,” but this language is still afloat.

And one more thing, Java is often confused with JavaScript, but you should not do this. In the next paragraph of the TOP, we will talk about it so that everything falls into place.

Recommendations for learning a programming language in 2022
You need to learn new technologies, using the knowledge gained in practice. Sometimes, this happens even before you understand and delve into all the nuances of the programming language, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is recommended to rely on video tutorials to visually understand how the project is created. You need to start with small tasks.
You can not do in training without educational literature. It is better to give preference to those books where there is a description of each line of code, installation. You need to understand that you will be able to create the same project, do not be lazy to supplement theory and practice.

Also, we advise you not to be limited only to those programming languages ​​that we have offered you today, but to consider other options. For example, one of the 50 programming languages ​​proposed in this article

When passing the lessons, accompanied by a video instruction, it turns out to better tune in to the topic. If questions arise during the lesson, you need to write them down on paper and then return to them again to understand in more detail.

As a rule, all programming language courses are based on a program similar to each other. On the first day, the student will have practice. It's about creating your own project. Practical exercises are much more useful than just reading literature.

With the help of the goal of creating sample code, you can delve into the topic even better. It is interesting to return to the samples again as you comprehend the material, refreshing the information in your memory. Do not be afraid of weaknesses. They must be found and disarmed. This is a great way to quickly understand a programming language. At the very beginning, there may be many moments that cause bewilderment, but after that everything will change. The main thing is not to give up and pay due attention to your studies.

You need to learn not one, but several languages. After completing the course, you will have an approximate understanding of the topic. After that, you can proceed to create your projects. Until you start using a programming language in practice, you will not be able to fully learn it.

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