3 Original Online Ways To Profit

by Stephen A. B. AYS Multiservices

1: Podcasting
This is a way to make money online is by hosting an online podcast.You can host a podcast and have it go along with your blog. You can use that platform to find new sponsors and advertisers all the time.

This simply means you can monetize your podcast also. However, there are tons of people making a lot from their podcasts. To the Entrepreneur, the key to getting ahead with podcasting just like blogging is finding your niche, growing an audience, and then finding ways to monetize and connect with sponsors. This may not be or isn’t the easiest way to make money online since there are a lot of logistics that go into writing, recording, and editing a podcast, but it is still worth considering.

2:Affiliate Marketing
One of the secrets to affiliate marketing is to stick at it until you have good results, like my sales page here Learn from your lack of proper results, but continue learning and never stop. Many strategies are flawed in the first instance, you may be expecting an easy win. I suspect many people come into affiliate marketing expecting the same. Over time you will slowly realize the time and effort needed to make affiliate marketing work.

I learned that, just because I wrote an article, it wasn't necessarily going to be seen by millions of people! In fact, some articles were never even seen. Many don't know how to promote them and get them seen. They just expected everyone to come, because, well, they think it is special and it was just going to work! How naive! One of the 'secrets' of affiliate marketing is building a subscribers or engagement list by subscription mail or even social media  average or large followings.

This gives the best results, once there is a list of subscribers and promoted a quality and effective product with paid advertising. This is probably the quickest way to see results in affiliate marketing. Content building takes time and there's no guarantee your content will ever get a large enough audience to start selling anything. Building a list is vital for anyone who wants to build a real business from affiliate marketing. Without one, you're relying on your website visitors buying from you after they land on your website. This only gives them a few minutes to make a buying decision. Get them on an email list and you can extend this period of time to months and even years ahead. Plus you can build a relationship with your subscribers by offering them value, insight and information which may be of use to them.

3. Paid advertising is another 'secret' of  bloggers and affiliate marketers. I avoided paid strategies for some time,  and use marketing strategies like article writing, Social media, Forums and Video creation. It takes much longer to get traffic if you focus on ONLY organic strategies. Paid traffic is instant, but again, takes time to learn, know how to do it right without spamming and then master it. The other 'secret' to using paid traffic is in choosing the right products to promote. This again is something many do not understand. Having products which continue to pay out, even after your initial sale is a major key to making affiliate marketing work for you. Some products only pay once. Top affiliates choose bigger items to promote for better commissions and they choose memberships to sell so they can earn continuous commissions every month.

A subscription product which pays you a small amount every month is worth far more than a single product which only pays you once. For each customer, you can earn a residual income, potentially for a lifetime. 100 customers becomes a real income because of the continuous commissions you receive each month of their membership. Up-sells are another affiliate marketing 'secret' too. An up-sell, is basically a product which is sold to a customer after they have already bought from you. If you've even been to a fast food franchise you'll know they always offer up an up-sell. "Do you want fries with that?" is an up-sell."Would you like to supersize?" is an up-sell. By offering many products to existing customers you can earn far more than by only selling one product. An existing customer is far more likely to purchase from you because they have already paid for something.

Top affiliates know the power of the up-sell and benefit from more commissions made from each customer. Repeat custom is a major factor in most businesses so it should also factor in your marketing business too. Here's a final marketing secret. Most affiliates starting out will concentrate on getting someone to their website in order to turn them into a subscriber. They will spend a lot of time working on their website visitors number. But there's two factors in turning a visitor into a subscriber. The number of people visiting your website is one factor. The opt-in rate is another. You can get many more visitors converting into subscribers just by altering your opt-in offer. Cross testing various opt-in offers and in particular, making a clear call to action with a benefit driven 'giveaway' offer is the best way to measure this. So don't focus entirely on building traffic, because you can make more progress by creating an enticing giveaway offer to build your email list. Have a wonderful day.

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