3 Most Innovative Mobile Advertising and Transformation Technologies

by Buana Sari Digital Marketer

Over the last decade, the use of web-enabled smartphones has grown exponentially. It has never been easier to reach the masses with the use of mobile phones as we have today.

With today's high-speed internet and messaging platforms, advertisers and brands can reach their target audiences in minutes. In the past, it was perfectly feasible for a company to have an excellent product, and a persuasive marketing team, who were able to ride high in its industry without the fear of being overtaken by a younger or a smaller rival. But, now, be it a big or small enterprise, customer reach has become easier and affordable. Today, brands can reach and engage millions via digital transformation and automation platforms in minutes. 

To be competitive in this rapidly changing business landscape, organizations need to be digitally advanced and implement new technologies in their business prospects.

Thus, choosing the right and the best marketing platform is crucial to ensure that your message reaches the right people and leveraging your business.

Mobile is a go-to-place device that reaches customers anywhere and anytime. So, a message that connects best in micro-moments always helps form an emotional bond between the brand and its customers. Thus, advertisers must have mobile marketing campaigns using the best advertising platforms that hit the right chord, at the right time without being too invasive.

The period of COVID-19 pandemic has given companies the option to go digital and work remotely, opening new gates of endless opportunities. It is always said, “tough times inspire you more to think out-of-the-box while creating better and bigger opportunities”.  And, so has the pandemic helped businesses think of an alternative new approach and how marketing can be done digitally.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation involves evolving a business using digital technologies and a chance to reimagine your customer engagement, your value delivery, and business processes by using digital advertising mediums.

Digital transformation and automation are much more than a buzzword. They help in a significant shift in organizational culture with the desire to combat the accepted standards. This can increase agility for a company if done correctly, increasing competitiveness and leanness.

Benefits of digital transformation in business

A transformation journey is always on the difficult side that requires commitment, time and patience. Likewise, digital transformation is not an easy benchmark to take over, but applying the same can bring many advantages to brands and advertisers.

1. Increased efficiency - Digital transformation and automation processes help new technologies give you a substantial increase in efficiency. As a result, workforce requirements and costs can be significantly reduced.

2. Improved decision making - Data digitization allows marketers to uncover insights hidden in it. By using quality intelligence, management teams can make better, more informed decisions and can-do revenue generation via mobile advertising.

3. Better reach - The better the digitization, the better will be the customer reach. Using the best mobile video advertising platform, digitization of business has become easier while making the advertised products and services accessible to customers all over the world.

4. Enhanced customer experience - Customers' 'online footprints' can be tracked and measured using technology, providing valuable insights into what they want, what motivates them, and what products/services they're interested in. Knowing your customers' online behaviors can help you better serve them. Thus, creating a better and more personalized business approach. 

According to research, by 2024, digital transformation technologies and services spending are expected to reach 2.39 billion dollars, up from 1.78 billion in 2022.

Mobile advertising platforms

Advertising is an effective medium that links the publishers and the customers for any brand/product promotion or information by using a mobile phone advertising and marketing platform that helps keep them connected.

The first step in selecting a mobile advertising platform is identifying your advertising goals. Through a mobile ad platform, you can reach your target audience in minimum time and with the right approach. Although there are many ad platforms present in the market, a mobile video customer interaction platform is way more effective in reaching, engaging and retaining customers.

Selecting the best mobile advertising platform

Checkout, a few of the listed features to consider while selecting a mobile advertising platform:

1. Based on type

A mobile advertising platform offers a wide range of advertising options such as applications from developers, display ads, keyword search ads, mobile video advertising etc. Select the aptest advertising platform, according to the brand's requirement and preference.

2. Scalability & Targeting

Platforms for advertising on mobile devices only have access to a specific geographic area. As a marketer, you must ensure that the mobile advertising platform that you choose can deliver messages and brand promotions in the locations where you plan to target users. You can get mobile video ads customized as per the demography, languages, etc. leveraging customer data at micro-levels. Marketers can also determine the primary market for each platform, by conducting some background research.

3. Types of Ad networks

It is very important where the ads are being published or broadcast. There are several ad platforms from social media to small sites/apps, display ads on websites or the premium network or simply choosing the most reliable mobile video customer interaction platform that gets brands’ messages delivered directly to the mobile inbox without using any app or data connection and that too on every possible mobile handset.

4. Reach and Impressions

Now, when you have chosen your preferred mobile advertising platform you want to get maximum response. It could be clicking on the available link on the social media site, or via the app which the customer is using or commenting on that particular app page. It is very crucial how you reach and engage the customers, making them stay with you while retaining their loyalty. A chosen platform must be such that it enhances your opportunity to generate high-margin revenue quickly.

Best mobile advertising platforms

1. Google Ads

One of the most popular and advanced advertising platforms available on the web. Powered by Google this technological medium supports almost all ad formats from video ads, in-apps, banners, and others. It helps brands target smartphone and tablet users specifically with reporting tools and performance analytics. This platform is loaded with features, but this is only workable using smart devices using internet service. It can’t be reached or searched for without using the data connection which is even uneconomic

2. moLotus

moLotus is a breakthrough platform that is capable of delivering hyper-personalized, interactive and rich mobile video messages directly delivered to customers’ phones without using any app or requiring data charges. It is a spam-free, all handset compatible platform that sends messages with multiple response options, establishing a two-way conversation between the brand and the customer.

moLotus is a personalized mobile video customer interaction platform that supports 5 formats – video, slideshow, brochure, showcase & greeting. It’s an amazing proven, result-oriented ad medium that has led brands and telcos to make it their best advertising platform. moLotus disrupts the USD 1.7 trillion Global Marketing Spending (Source: PwC) in the same way digital advertising disrupts media.

With the platform, campaigns can be easily created, databases and responses can easily be managed, reports and analytics can be generated, transformations can be performed, and automation APIs can be integrated. moLotus’ enterprise revenue eco-system lets stakeholders (i.e., sales team, resellers, aggregators, etc.) earn, book, and track revenue using multiple comprehensive and detailed revenue reports. A powerful automation platform that integrates event-based interaction with real-time marketing features like customer onboarding, mobile document delivery and submission. For leading telco brands across the globe, moLotus is transforming businesses via its breakthrough transformations.

Big brands like Samsung, L'Oreal, Standard Chartered Bank, Prudential BSN, and Proton, are to name among others who have used this personalized and interactive ad platform to increase CLV and ARPU. It has helped brands and telcos reduce their outbound costs by 30% while digitizing manpower-intensive processes. With moLotus transformation models, significant cost reduction opportunities are available through automation. They have been able to reduce their staffing, telemarketing, training, printing, distribution, compliance, and other costs due to automation.

Through moLotus transformation technology, brands and telcos can increase customer loyalty and retention. Technology has revolutionized customer support systems catering to consumers who demand convenience and speed. Mobile devices are now a more convenient way for brands to interact with their customers. Brands and telcos can use moLotus technology to target customer data based on business criteria, demographics, interaction, etc. They can create and send customized and personalized messages to customers with rich customer insights.

moLotus offers unique capabilities like mobile loyalty cards, real-time customer ratings, FAQs, how-to, and real-time customer feedback which enhance customer journey resulting in an increase in customer lifetime value. Brands looking for a better ROI and increased customer lifetime value must opt for the moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform for quick and effective results. 

3.  Instagram ads

It is a young audience advertising platform that is more into short video ads and carousel ad formats. Instagram allows advertisers to reach out to a highly engaged audience anytime and anywhere.

With this platform, you don't have to worry about ads popping up on a small screen because it is fully optimized for mobile viewing as well. Video, images, carousel, and Instagram stories are the ad formats this social media platform supports. But this interactive embedded advertising application only runs on smart gadgets, does not support basic handsets and only runs while using the data connection to view any feed or story. Marketers advertising on Instagram can only reach their target audiences while using the app.


The world has entered the era of the mobile-first consumer, with the average Indian spending over five hours per day on their phones. Mobile devices are increasingly being used by marketers and brands to identify, engage, and attract customers around the world. Mobile marketing has the power to personalize, innovate, and engage consumers. Brands that fail to leverage these features could lose this new market in the coming years.

Observably, people spend more time on their smartphones than watching television or reading magazines. Very shortly, 5G will provide 20 times faster speed to mobile than in the present time. Achieving your advertising goal requires the right tools to be successful in the ever-changing world of mobile advertising and transformation technologies.

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