3 Major Surgical Procedures Involved in Mommy Makeover

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Looking attractive is the desire of every lady and they invest thousands of bucks every year for their facial or figure maintenance. Even if they are strictly following a healthy diet and exercise sessions, some natural circumstances become the reason of figure distortion. For instance, a female body goes through hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy period. In these nine months, the body adapts changes that are suitable for giving birth to a child. After delivery, some ladies get back to the original shape whereas others remain the same. Gaining excess of fat on the abdomen area, increased size of breasts and changing shape of the vaginal area some transformations that badly affect the confidence of a lady. If you are about to become a mother and worried about such kind of issues, mommy makeover is a reliable solution. Rather than depending on harmful techniques like slimming belts, tight inner wears and weird exercise equipment, you must choose surgery. The surgical procedures are invasive but their results are promising and long-lasting. We are explaining this surgical procedure in detain with benefits in the points below. 

Understanding the process of mommy makeover surgery
As the name illustrates, this is a cosmetic surgery for the complete transformation of your figure. This involves every part of the body that requires modification. Here is a list of surgeries that the surgeons of a mommy makeover in Columbia may perform:- 

  1. Breast lift, augmentation or reduction

The impact of hormonal change clearly visible on your breasts. According to the body of a lady, the size can increase or decrease. In some cases, you also notice sagging due to breast-feeding. Surgery is the most reliable way to bring then back to good shape. Surgeons remove extra fat cells if the size is increased beyond a limit. Similarly, breast lift surgery helps in improving the shape by maintaining their contour. 

  1. Liposuction 

The surgeons of mommy makeover in Baltimore are experts in removing fat from all parts of the body. Generally, ladies gain excess weight on their abdomen area and waistline. Liposuction is a promising technique for fat removal. The surgeons insert a suction tube called cannula inside fat to remove it. A cosmetic surgeon inspects the layer of fat to specify the depth of fat suction with the cannula. Before extraction, they use ultrasound or inject some fluids to weaken the fat cells. 

  1. Tummy tuck

If the fat is specifically affecting the abdominal area, it is advisable to go with the option of tummy tuck surgery. A surgeon of mommy makeover removes the fat layer by performing circumferential or partial abdominoplasty. The tummy tuck is more invasive if you compare it with liposuction. However, its results are faster and more visible. 

After reading the above points, it is clear that mommy makeover is a combination of different cosmetic surgeries. The ultimate goal of all surgeries is fat removal and providing adequate contour to the upper layer of your skin. 

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