3 Key Factors You Should Consider for Choosing the Best Coffee Beans

by Roert Benicio Writer
The people drink more coffee each year than any other drink. Although ensuring that it's the best possible way to help improve the drinking experience, you have to make sure that you pick the best coffee beans to meet your needs. 

Deciding on which coffee beans to purchase can be challenging for professional baristas and many coffee drinkers. And there are many wholesale coffee suppliers that provide the different types of coffee beans in the market. As such, getting help on where to start buying coffee beans comes in handy. Here are some tips on how to pick the best coffee beans, whether you are looking to stock up for your commercial establishment or for your home:

  1. Know Your Preference
    Today, there are two brand categories of coffee beans available in the market, Robusta and Arabica. The Arabica type of coffee beans grows in the high altitude areas and it’s commonly known for its slightly acidic and smooth taste. While, Robusta is grown in lower altitude areas and has a strong, bitter taste. Arabica is considered to be of a higher grade, it largely depends on its growing process and the treatment that it receives during its journey to the coffee roaster. All this process doesn’t guarantee that the end product is of the highest quality. So, quit worrying about bean type and focus on finding a roaster that makes beans that meet your needs. 

  2. Pick Coffee Beans Based on Your Preferred Taste 
    Most coffee lovers want their first cup to have a consistently delicious taste. And if you prefer coffee that has a smooth taste and erratic acidity, then you should go get dry, light coloured coffee beans. These coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period and coffee brewed from them tends not to have a bitter taste. If you prefer coffee that has a strong taste then you should buy coffee beans that have been roasted for a longer period of time. These coffee beans tend to be shiny, with a dark appearance and produce a bold and bitter taste.

  3. Determine How Much Caffeine You Want in Your Coffee
    Conflicting with what most people trust, dark roasted coffee beans contain lower levels of caffeine than whose roasting is light or medium. Lightly roasted coffee beans have a higher level of caffeine than others, and the coffee beans that are used to make Espresso are in the medium roast realm. If you want to take advantage of your caffeine consumption then you are better going for medium or lightly roasted beans.

Choosing the best coffee requires attention to detail and a good knowledge of what you want. It is ideal to buy coffee beans from one of the best wholesale coffee suppliers that provide the best quality of coffee beans and other coffee accessories. Above mentioned tips will enable you to buy the best coffee beans. And you should always grind your beans just before brewing or get the best machine with the inbuilt grinder to brew a fresh, delicious cup of coffee. 

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