3 Ignorant mistakes in call center services that can harm your company

by Noida Exim Inbound Outbound Call Center India

A businessman tries his utmost to make all the right moves when beginning a business. But as it grows, its complexity increases, and not enough time is provided to the person in charge to focus on all its components. And when it comes to customer-and customer-facing operations such as outbound and inbound call center services, the abstraction level is increasingly numerous. Therefore, a business owner is unable to view the communication of these services in their totality, and that’s when mistakes start to creep into the process.

Understanding the operations of call centers

A call center seems to be a easy department to function on the floor. But once you know its many aspects, you know how complex it may be. Below are some of the many characteristics that make it difficult to operate a nice call center:

1.      Hiring – Even the most resourceful company owners can pay a toll by hiring accomplished call center officers. Especially for fresh businesses whose call center is just a side operation, it is difficult to persuade the finest agents of a successful career.

2.      Training – A call center cannot be run without a distinct training department. The business has to incur trainers ' costs, which can be annoying overhead. Good trainers, especially those experienced in the industry, are also hard to find.

3.      Software procurement – There are many tools and software solutions, without which it is hard to envision a successful call center operation. Funding the purchase of such software solutions can be major pain for any business owner.

4.      Management – Probably the biggest challenge in the form of good management in an inbound and outbound call center services. Call center operations require your agents ' motivation, which is difficult in weird hour changes that extend deep into the night. Finding good motivators that understand all essential call center KPIs and are available at cost-effective salary packages can be a nightmare.

5.     Agents – Last but not least, customer-friendly authorities need the right strategy to cope with customers. Politicality and assertiveness are the two essential features of an agent. Screening such agents, however, is very difficult.

Common errors in call center activities owing to ignorance

Even if you manage to overcome all the above-mentioned problems and start a call center operation, many mistakes can still be made due to lack of supervision. These mistakes may look small on the surface, but they may have a important effect on your business. Look at some of those mistakes:

1.      Putting call on hold or mute for an unjustifiable amount of time – It is seen that when surveillance is not constant (from top leadership), authorities and TLs start to relax and indulge in malpractice such as an unjust interval of time calling for suspension or silencing. This cuts off the communication flow and customers feel humiliated and meaningless. Definitely bad for your business!

2.      KPIs gone for a toss – It is a well-known fact that call centers KPIs can be fudged to look good when they are actually not. So, if there is no real direction coming from the top-end (because CEOs and senior managers are too busy or do not comprehend significant parameters), it is hard to keep an eye on the integrity of these vital parameters. Hence, the KPIs go for a toss and so does the process, without anyone having any knowledge about it. Such ignorance, if allowed to fester, can shut your in-house call center in a few months.

3.     Lack of analytics and power tools that can make a difference – Today's CRM solutions are driven by AI that enables you to learn a lot about your customers. From their previous discourse to the time they last called up and their purchasing preferences, you obtain a lot of thoughts that can be used to create the customer experience better. But CRM's importance is completely lost to an unconscious CFO. Moreover, when there is a critical main technique that needs a makeover or a new deal to be finalized; the likelihood of a expensive purchase in the form of analytics-driven CRM is wishful thinking. Therefore, such significant purchases are never generated and the entire technique suffers owing to ignorance.


The ignorant mistakes made by top management in presiding over call center operations are rampant in most in-house call center services. The only way to solve these errors in operation is by devoting extra time to non-core inbound and outbound call center services. But this may remove your focus from your main phase, which is just as bad, if not worse. The best way to manage this situation is by fixing the problem at its source, i.e. by not operating an in-house call center.

Outsourcing is the perfect solution to nip this problem of ignorance in the bud in this era of globalization. However, before outsourcing, you should pay specific attention and choose only those outbound or inbound call center service suppliers with significant field expertise and care for every aspect of their operation. This search is a lot easier than searching for every resource that goes into the making of a successful call center.

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