3 Cs to Keep Your Business Growing with B2B Digital Strategy

by Carol Adams Financial Adviser

Whether you target B2B or B2C market, one thing is common in both the marketing – digital strategy. If you want to grow your business, you need to have an effective digital marketing strategy so ideal prospects could turn to customers as soon as possible. When it comes to preparing a digital marketing strategy for the B2B model, you often find yourself clueless.

Note that in this type of business model, businesses are your customers, and you will have to target a person within the organization that has decision-making power. When it is the B2c model, you are targeting people directly. It can be anyone who fits your target audience.

However, if your target audience is business, you need to specify with terms and phrases that the ads you are running are aimed at them only. For instance, you are running Facebook ads by targeting job titles. Contrary to B2C models where customers generally make a decision based on reviews and superficial factors, B2B customers can take a longer time to arrive at a decision.

They conduct deeper research to find out if it is worth investing in your product or service. If you want to make your digital marketing for B2B model effective, you need to take care of these three Cs:

Communication across all channels

When your customer comes to know about your product or service through an ad, they would like to learn more about you. Since you are targeting entrepreneurs or those who have decision-making power, they will research it.

They can visit your website or dive into a social media platform. They want to know about your product, no matter where they get it. Therefore, it is crucial to generate top-notch content for all communication channels.

Note that the content you share is what will give them the exact information. This is the only source of communication between you and your client. Make sure that you are sharing content everywhere. It should be engaging and aim at providing the right and relevant information.


Next C, you need to focus on is content. Instead of chasing people and promoting your offering to them by cold calling, you should provide content to users that they show interest themselves in your products and services.

This form of marketing is known as inbound marketing. Make sure that the content you have generated for your clients is optimized well. Use SEO-friendly techniques to increase organic traffic. When the traffic to your site is increased, it is likely to be turned.

Content optimization will benefit you only if you have generated high-quality content. Content here does not mean a detailed explanation of your product and service. Here content refers to inbound content marketing.

You will have to generate content on topics that will serve as a solution to their current problems. You cannot just plainly keep talking about your products and services, but you will also have to tell them how they can make their life better even without relying on your offerings.


It is generally assumed that the more leads you generate, the more digital marketing strategy you are leveraging, but this may not be completely true when you are targeting a B2B model. Although you have to frame a digital marketing strategy for both types of business models, they are more often than not different and work differently.

If you want to make the most of your marketing effort, you should leverage your current contacts. Though you have to build new contacts to grow your networking, it does not mean that you will dump your current contacts.

Studies have found that some entrepreneurs fail to generate revenues despite great marketing effort because of poor sales communication. This kind of strategy is known as the integrated inbound approach. It will allow you to leverage your network of contacts rather than content.

The type of content you will aim for under this strategy is customer stories, interviews with experts, webinars, workshops, and any other content-type that you can immediately use to establish a relationship with your clients.

One of the significant advantages of this strategy is it brings together both content marketing and inbound marketing. By using this approach, you can generate faster results for your B2B model.  

If you want to generate profits faster for your B2B company, you will have to focus on three Cs undoubtedly. You know very well that you cannot take your business ahead without marketing, but it has no use if it is not in the right way and the right direction.

If you do not know where to start, you should hire a marketing expert. If you cannot afford fees if marketer, do not worry because you can take out bad credit loans with no guarantor.

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