3 Catchy Web Design Trends for the Year 2018

by Deepti Gaur Digital marketing Specialist

The two elements, shapes and typography make a lot of difference in website development even when they do not form a major part of website design. Shapes and typography definitely are trending this year because they contribute to overall website look and feel. E-commerce website developers can use these two to enhance the appeal of the website while making it look attractive.

Some of the cool features are raising the bar of e-commerce website designing can really help to make the design stand out and be different from the already existing ones.

1.  Blobs and bubbles: These blobs and bubbles are serving as accents to draw the eye into a project and highlight specific content. With this, every project starts to look different, even with the use of the exact same concept. These loose shapes show up in most of the places and in most of the cases, they are round in nature. These shapes are pretty much in any color, although a web design company usually prefers subtle gradients or bright color choices. Shapes can also be soft and fluid or more intentional and sleek. Designers at website Design Company use blobs especially to frame the canvas. They can use blobs also to highlight elements to create depth, introduce animation in a way that it does not feel static. It gives a key visual point to the users and lures them in, looking for more.

2.  Floating rectangles: This design element has become a thing off late and is being incorporated into simple portfolio pages to brand website designs. It ensures each image or rectangular frame has an identity of its own so, a web development company uses them to make the design look a little more organic. This works for any kind of content. The fluidity is appealing enough to encourage interaction with any user will be willing to see the next or the rest of the rectangular containers. These floating blocks can be simple or complex depending on the content. The concept works well either with the handful of blocks or many. It can work with blocks that are oversized to create depth and even with smaller blocks and bring users into different types of content. So, this trend can be used in many different ways to make the custom design by any web design company in India.

3.  Combination of typography and images: This can be the fun element that web designing companies in Delhi can experiment with for different type of projects. Some type of text fill on the moving image is not new but, the interpretation of the concept is definitely something new.

Through this introduction, designers are choosing to fill type (or create layers that replicate the look of an image fill) with thick block-style letters. These designs definitely beg users to make further clicks around the site to gain more information for a better idea of what is the image. Most users get attracted by the high visual sense of the website and this small question mark in the design can actually encourage them to explore further. The only thing to be assured is not to keep them frustrated and lost by making this interaction easy and understandable.

Which of these trends would be the best for enhancing the feel of the website? Well, this is up to an e-commerce development company to decide. But, anything should not look like an overdue or unnecessary, otherwise it will just kill the charm.  Each of these design solutions could be a great addition to small uses including homepage or landing page design. They can be an extension of a full-scale project visual plan. A web design company in Delhi can make use of these small inclusions to better bring out the brand and services with highlights that users can find.

Decide on the elements as per the creativity and experiment that any new project requires. A perfect balance of techniques and trend would definitely give a website design that would make the users stay and explore. E-commerce website development is reaching new heights and this is the time to consider what is new and making it a huge success for any of the blog and websites in the online world.


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