2020 Crime Update: The rate of neighborhood home invasions and car break-ins are on the rise Find ou

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2020 Crime Update: The rate of neighborhood home invasions and car break-ins are on the rise

Residential locksmiths, Commercial locksmiths and Automotive locksmiths provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services that help to protect your homes, vehicles and loved ones from unwanted intruders and thefts. 

In recent months, the number of break-ins, to people's personal property, has been rapidly growing to epidemic proportions. This influx in crime sprees is causing concern amongst many residents and is forcing them to seek out the assistance of their expert, local 24-hour locksmith services. These locksmiths are masters at providing high security home, vehicle and commercial solutions which will help keep your family and your valuables safe and secure. 

Regional police services have recently announced that the number of home invasions and automotive thefts have significantly increased recently, over that seen in previous years. The latest statistics show that a burglary occurs approximately once every 23 seconds in North America and on average, most victims lose between $2,000 - $4,000 worth of precious goods. The local police services are advising citizens to be aware that most break-ins occur during the day, in rural areas and are most common during the summer months. Many of the perpetrators involved in these crimes are utilizing garage door openers found in the victim’s cars to gain access into their homes. Others can successfully pick out of date front door locks or easily break through unlocked windows to enter the home.

Vehicle break-in and theft is also on the rise across local communities. Vehicles are being stolen for parts or are being shipped out of the country and sold whole on the black market. Other criminals are taking part in a relatively new fraudulent activity, called vehicle cloning, where vehicles are stolen, are given and false identification number and are resold to unsuspecting members of the community. Police are asking everyone to be on the lookout for suspicious car sales activity and are urging everyone to remain diligent when locking and leaving their cars unattended. 

If you suspect that a crime has taken place in your neighborhood, please remain safely inside, do not try to interfere, and contact 911 or the local authorities immediately. If you have details about a crime, know the whereabouts of stolen goods or have any other information that may help the police in their investigations, please contact your local police station. It is through the assistance of the people that the police force will be able to combat this new surge of crime and bring peace and safety back to our communities.

Police warn that all citizens should be taking urgent and appropriate measures to crime-proof their homes and vehicles are urging that the first step in this process should be to contact your local locksmith.

Why do you need a Locksmith?

The locksmith profession is one that has been around, protecting people and their possessions, for thousands of years. Considered one of the oldest professions, it is believed to have first began with the Ancient Egyptians in approximately 2000 B.C. The first known locks were very large devices, comprised of wood, and would have been used to keep the wealthiest members of the community’s valuables safe. It was not until over 2000 years later that these heavy, cumbersome locks were redeveloped to be made out of sturdier materials, like iron or brass. These locks were made up of a system of levers and tumblers within, which required a key to lift the lever inside to a very specific location in order for the lock to open. This is still the method that is used in many manual locks today. Advancements in technology created and a greater need for protection over the years has created an industry full of talented people, who are not only skilled at installing and opening locks but are also required to be efficient woodworkers, metal smiths and craftsmen. Without the skills of these individuals, not only would society suffer the plague of constant thefts, but we would also live in constant fear for the well being of the things we value and the people we love. 

What can a locksmith do for you?

There are many different types of locksmiths available in your community that can assist you with a wide variety of different services to meet your needs. Whether you need assistance protecting your home, require high security commercial door locks for your business, or have locked yourself out of your car and need a car key replacement, there are local locksmith services that can help.

Some of the most commonly requested locksmith services are:

Car Key Replacement - It isn’t an uncommon occurrence to lose your car keys or lock them inside your vehicle. A quick call to a 24/7 locksmith can have you on your way to your destination in no time at all. Locksmiths are skilled at cutting keys for vehicles, programing remote keys and repairing malfunctioning car key fobs. Providing these car lockout services is something that most skilled locksmiths are capable of and is something that can be done relatively quickly and for a reasonable fee.

House Key Replacement - Locksmiths are like superheroes, flying in to the rescue when you have been locked out of your home. Losing your house key can be a frustrating experience and many local locksmiths near you provide on location, house lockout services. These experienced professionals will arrive on your doorstep and have you back inside your home in no time at all.

House Lock Installation - Changing the locks on your home is important and necessary, especially when moving into a new home or after someone moves out. A locksmith can help you to choose a new lock that will provide the best levels of safety for your home and install it quickly and efficiently.

Installation of Commercial Door Locks - Business are in need of as much protection as the family home is and locksmiths can help in making sure that your business is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. A locksmith can provide security for safes that are kept on your business’s premises and can also install other security features such as high security commercial door locks, Schlage commercial door locks (or other commercial door lock types), keyless commercial door locks, a commercial door lock push bar and can even offer commercial door lock cylinder replacement.

Provide Locks for Windows and Doors - When most people think of a locksmith they immediately think of having locks installed on your exterior doors, however ensuring that your windows have locks in place that are working properly is vital to the safety of your home or business. Your local locksmith can test your current window locks and offer suggestions on replacements or upgrades to make your premises even safer against break-ins.

Installation of Security Systems - Having a security system installed is a surefire way to deter thieves and keep your valuables safe. There are numerous different options available to choose from, with a wide variety of different features and they are available in all different price ranges to suit your specific needs. Your local locksmith service can discuss these options with you and help you to determine which is the best for your specific circumstance.

24 Hour Locksmith Services - Many locksmiths and locksmith companies offer 24-hour locksmith services which enables them to be of assistance any time of the day. 24-hour car locksmiths, 24-hour locksmith for houses and pop a lock services are offered in all communities to get you back into your home, vehicle or business as quickly as possible.

Becoming a locksmith 

Becoming a locksmith is no easy task. It takes years of training and experience to become successful and to learn all of the techniques necessary to provide the highest level of safety to all clients. Locksmiths also follow a strict code of ethics that ensures that they are always keeping the safety and security of their customers as their primary priority and are looking for ways to make their homes, businesses and vehicles safer.


How Locksmiths can Keep you and your Family Safe

A locksmith’s job is to keep your business, home, vehicle and valuables safe and protected and they have a long list of tips and tricks that will help you feel secure amidst the recent surge in criminal activity. 

Steps to Safety:

Conduct a home security evaluation:

Many locksmith and security companies will be happy to assist you in conducting a home security evaluation to determine how safe your home is, and which areas need improvement. These audits will consider all windows and doors, the storage methods of your valuable and will determine how appealing your home would be to a potential burglar. They will provide recommendations on improving the security of your home and can help you to implement these methods that will keep you safe for years to come.

Change your locks:

When you move into a new home, someone moves out of your home or you feel that there is a chance that a key to your house may have made it into the wrong hands, it is important to immediately change your locks. Changing your locks is very important to keep unwanted intruders out and to ensure that your home is well secured. Your local locksmith can accomplish this job for you and can recommend the best type of lock to maximize your safety. It is usually advisable to choose a lock that is both pick, drill and saw resistant, and is also twist-resistant and made of steel. It is also recommended to purchase a lock that is at least one inch long. 

Advancements in technology have also made smart locks a good option for homeowners, offering good levels of security combined with the convenience of being able to unlock your door with your cell phone. 

Secure your valuables:

While securing your valuables properly within your home may not prevent a break-in from occurring, it can help to ensure that the burglars leave empty handed and your most prized possession remain safe. It is helpful to know that most people keep their important belongings in the bedroom. This may seem like the logical place to store them; however, it is also the first place that a thief will check when robbing your home. Making your valuables difficult to find will keep them safe, and storing them in a large, locked vault will make it impossible for an intruder to leave with them. 

Upgrade your window locks:

Windows are an easy place for an intruder to gain entry into your home. Any windows that slide can be secured with a small piece of wood or dowel to keep them from sliding easily. Windows that are double hung are easy for a thief to open by exerting pressure on the lock, so it is often necessary to install a second lock or a small security pin to ensure that thieves can’t open them. Ground floor windows are always the first concern when keeping unwanted visitors out of your home, but it is important to protect upper levels as well. Thieves can be cunning and if they really want to break into your home, and suspect that upper windows are unprotected, nothing will stop them.

Clean out your vehicles: 

Most burglars will inspect a car before breaking in to gauge if it is worth their effort. Money, purses and valuables that are visible will make your vehicle an easy target for thieves. Removing all clutter and any items that may be appealing or moving it to the trunk where it will be less visible to potential thieves, will make your car a less tempting target. It is also important to remove garage door remotes at night and keep them safely secured within your home. For many of the recent break-ins that have occurred recently, thieves have entered the home after breaking into the family vehicle that is parked in the driveway and opening the garage door using the remote. 

Avoid auto theft:

There are a few things that you can do to prevent your car from being stolen. Thieves may try to steal your car to resell it, use it for transportation or use it to commit other crimes. Make sure that you always take your keys, insurance and ownership with you, roll up the windows and lock the doors when you leave your vehicle. Park your car in a busy, well-lit area to deter thieves and when at home, park in the garage if possible. It is also recommended that you turn your wheels sharply when parking and when at home, back your rear wheel drive car into the driveway and pull your front wheel drive car forward into the driveway. These simple tips will make your car much more difficult to tow away. Also, always remember to set your emergency break. These few simple tips will make it difficult for a criminal to steal your car and will help keep your vehicle safe.

Install a security system:

Installing a security system is a sure way to deter thieves and protect your home or business. Your local locksmith can assist you in choosing the system that is best for you and can install it as well. A good security system should include features such as:

·         a good outdoor lighting system that is motion activated 

·        a well-focused camera system with multiple cameras that are strategically placed around the property

·        a loud alarm that will sound both inside and outside of the building when triggered

·        off-site monitoring to ensure that someone is watching over your home when you aren’t there

·        door and window sensors on all major access doors and windows

·        carbon monoxide, fire and flood detection

Choosing the right locksmith

Finding a locksmith near you is easy. A simple google search of “locksmiths near me” or “24-hour locksmith service near me” is sure to produce a long list of results of capable locksmiths in your area. Many locksmiths have mobile services and will immediately come right to your home, while others may have shop locations that you can visit for more information. It is important to do a thorough check beforehand, on the locksmith that you choose and verify their credentials. A good locksmith will offer you testimonials and reviews from past clients and will offer a full, money-back guarantee on their work. One of several local Virginia Beach locksmith companies we spoke to via skype, goes by the name of Speedy Locksmith LLC, located in Virginia Beach, VA, got a perfect score based on experience, availability and great reviews from local residents, and we think that in order to make an educated decision as to which company to hire for your locksmith work, should be based on your own research by following these few guidelines.

Your neighborhood locksmith is here to help you in your time of need, and most are available 24/7. Whether you have lost your keys and need to gain entry into your home or vehicle or would like to ensure that your home or business premises are safely defended from intruders, a registered locksmith is the person to call. They have the experience, skills and training required to meet all your security needs and will provide you with the peace of mind that you won’t be the next home invasion or burglary victim.


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