2 crucial tips to remember while buying leather jackets

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Jackets made of leather are one of the most versatile items for any functional wardrobe whether for men or women. And this fact remains the same till the very beginning of times. Why this range of jackets is so versatile and timeless? That is because you can style in a large number of ways including both formal and casual. There are lots of people, including celebrities, who wear it with denim and give a more casual look. But you can easily wear it in combination of a proper dress or a skirt as well.

When you wear it with a proper dress or skirt you not only appear formal but that also adds a raw vibe to your overall appearance to define your signature style. To cut a long story short, every man and woman walking under the sun must have at least one leather jacket. In the following sections of this article let us explore 2 basic tips to help you find the best of these jackets so that you look most appealing and impressive.   

2 basic tips worth remembering

Right fitting is crucial

The most crucial factor to choose the right leather jacket for either men or women is its fit. If a jacket does not fit you well, then you better dump it and start looking afresh. What does it mean by right fit? If the jacket is too big that makes you look larger. In other words that is somewhat clownish appearance. On the other hand, if the dressing item is too small, you appear larger than your actual size and obviously disproportionate. Thus, the right fit is the most crucial factor while selecting a jacket made of leather.

How can you be sure whether a jacket fits perfectly? Here are few tips to make your task easier. You of course have to put it on to know if it fits you properly. The dressing item obviously must feel snug at the shoulders but at the same time it should not give that binding feeling. During this trial you must wear the kind of shirt that you will be wearing most of the times under the jacket. According to craftsmen working on bomber jacket for men, this is important to make the right decision. For someone living in a warm climate is more likely to slip on tee shirts or camis under their leather jackets whereas people from colder regions usually wear sweaters underneath.

The jacket sleeves must end at your thumb knuckle. It is also important to watch how you look in the dressing item from behind. Ideally any jacket made of leather should not be too big neither too small at the shoulders and the waistline.

One reliable way to know about right fitting at the shoulders is by leaning against the wall sideways and find out whether the jacket shoulder hits the wall before you do. If it does then you better look for something with better fitting. On the other hand you can always approach a friendly tailor and ask for his advice. Skilled and experienced tailors can give you the best judgment any time.

Material quality

According to craftsmen working on women’s leather jackets for years at a stretch, the leather quality is crucial because this factor determines whether a jacket looks expensive or cheap. Remember that just because a jacket is costly does not necessarily mean it has to look like that and if it is reasonably priced, it does not need to look cheap and shabby either. You have to have clarity in the mind what exactly you are looking for. If the leather has a rough and rigid texture or feels like plastic, better avoid buying that item. That range of jackets not only looks cheap but also proves to be uncomfortable. Genuine leather has a buttery soft texture and just molds with your body shape and structure.  

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