15 Restaurant Marketing Ideas For Your Restaurant This Year

by Shubham Yadav Digital Marketing Expert

Online restaurant marketing is an ongoing trend today despite the fact restaurant is the business, which is based on the offline gathering. As a matter of fact, most internet users today search for the restaurant online when they are visiting a new destination or when they are willing to try something new.

Let’s think from the side of customers. Suppose you live in New York and you visit California as a tourist, then how do you manage to know about the restaurant and all other required hubs. Of course, asking people may not be so comfortable in this era of the World Wide Web. You would like to search for some popular restaurants in California on the internet in your city before starting your journey so that you do not find any glitch after your visit. The other option that you can use is your mobile phone in the area where you are spending your vacations.

Here comes restaurant marketing in the picture. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are two popular methods that are prevalent in different industries in the present scenario. In concise, Search Engine Optimization is to increase the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines; whereas, Social Media Marketing is a way to promote your restaurant and its site on social media platforms. Content marketing is another way to tell people about your restaurant, its services, its foods, etc.

But, these are the techniques, about which we have talked several times. Now, let’s look at some restaurant marketing ideas that will be perfect for your online marketing. Besides, you will also read some offline strategies you can implement, which will be helpful in your overall marketing.

1. Foodies Pictures

The drool-inducing pics of foods are the perfect ways to promote a restaurant. When people plan to visit a restaurant, they want to see what’s delicious in the restaurant. Images are the best sources because they not only tell the food lovers about your meals but also invoke their food stimuli. They can perfectly convince them to visit your restaurant.

2. Videos with Inside Views and Documentaries

Videos are the sources to attract instant attraction of the audiences. You would have faced the situation when you have visited a page of someone’s website or a social media page, and you suddenly paused when suddenly an enthusing video is started. This is the power of video that you can use while doing restaurant marketing.

However, there is a wide scope in videos, and you can use it to presentations, lectures, inside views and documentaries; but in the context of the restaurant, online views and documentaries about your restaurant can be a perfect way to create excitement among the individuals. A number of videos can be witnessed over the websites of restaurants, YouTube, Facebook and other social media websites where you can get the inside view of your restaurant. Interiors, sitting arrangements and there are a lot of other aspects, which entice the individuals.

On the other hand, there are a number of documentaries, which provide information about interior, foods, happy people having meals and a lot more. These videos are also attractive to evoke the emotions of people.

You also need to add videos of inside view and documentaries for the restaurant marketing. Also, try to make small documentaries of 2 minutes and 5 minutes. Individual often close the lengthy videos.

3. Geo-Targeted Advertisements

Remember that you don’t have to work for tourists only. If your restaurant is near some significant tourist place, then your main target can be tourists. But, in other cases, the local people will be your primary customers. It is needless to mention that most people like to visit the restaurants near their homes or workplaces.

Therefore, you get the most value when you invest primarily in geo-targeted advertisements. Geo-targeted ads ensure that the users in certain radius will only be able to see your ads. It is important because non-relevant clicks may cost you big bucks.

In addition to this, a number of tourists like to search for restaurants through their mobile where they are. In such case also, the geo-targeted ads may be of great help for you.

4.  Show Active Presence on Instagram

Using Instagram for your best visual content is a perfect idea and is a wonderful option for restaurant marketing.

People enjoy a lot of aspects such as cooking, farming, kayaking, and many other aspects. Make a big fan base by using some popular Instagram tips. You can search the food lovers easily on Instagram by searching popular phrases or by clicking some popular hashtags.

Have great fun with hashtags (#). Like Twitter, there are always some trendy hashtags on Instagram. Use those hashtags and also invent your own hashtag.

5. Compose User-Generated Content

It is a perfect way for user engagement. It helps in making personal and intimate relationships with users. For composing this kind of stuff, you can use several ways. First, you can start a photo uploading contest and can ask about the favorite meals of the user. Similarly, you can start surveys, ask for comments and a lot more.

Also, provide the appetizer or prize to the users. This user-generated content shows that you appreciate them and value them, which will definitely be helpful for your enterprise.

6. Give Special Attention to Social Media

It will not be wrong to say that social media is a life for restaurants. The social media websites provide the best platforms to the restaurant owners or marketers to create a virtual presence.

Make the business pages and profiles for your restaurant. We have already discussed Instagram in one of the points above. Apart from this, other social media platforms can also not be overlooked.

Facebook is also a perfect social media platform for the restaurants, where you can engage with more and more audiences and can share all type of stuff.

Besides, social media management tools can help you a lot in your social media restaurant marketing. There are a number of tools available in the market today among which two popular ones are Hootsuite and Buffer. Hootsuite renders a perfect dashboard to organize all your social media platforms. In this, you can keep tabs for all your social media platforms. Custom streams, schedule posts and more can be managed on Hootsuite. With Buffer, you can easily find, schedule and share articles over all platforms.

7. Set Google Alerts for Your Business Name

Google alerts are the best means to keep track when your business name appears somewhere in a new piece of content on the World Wide Web. It can make it easier for you to keep tab about who is talking about you.

8. Start Blogs

Blogging is also a perfect way to tell people about your services, and it can definitely be an ideal way of restaurant marketing. You can maintain two types of blogs. First, start the blog on the external blog spaces on popular websites like Blogger and WordPress and tell people about your restaurants with images and videos. Don’t forget to share the links of your write-ups on social media.

Secondly, manage a blog page on your website, and give different updates to the readers and solve their queries. In both these blogs, you need to remember that you have to be consistent.

9. Invite Food Bloggers to Your Restaurant

It is a useful way to promote a restaurant by reviews, but it is difficult to find them when you open a new restaurant. Offer them free meals and appetizers, and ask politely to them to write the reviews. You can’t ask for positive reviews, but don’t worry, if there is some negative review then understand it as a part of the process and make the necessary improvements. Some of the bloggers may decline your offer to come but more you will ask, more are the chances they will come.

Many of these bloggers have thousands of followers so it may help you perfectly in restaurant marketing.

10. Make a Brand Identity of Your Restaurant

Making a brand identity of your restaurant may have a big impact on your business. Identify what you want to offer and who are your target customers. There are restaurants which work on healthy living; whereas there are many others, who are beer-and-wings kind.

11. Publish Easy-to-Read Menu Online

As discussed, a lot of people like to do online research before arriving at your restaurant. So, make a sleek and easy-to-read menu. Publish those menus on your website as well as delivery websites. Some of the delivery websites provide you the menu online for free. Besides, post the menu in your blog posts and social media posts from time to time.

12. Do Partnerships with Delivery Services

There are many delivery services websites available online. Manage to do the partnership with those websites. Some customers who order from the websites of these delivery services may discover you for the first time via these services.

Some of the popular names of delivery websites in this regard are Seamless, Eat24, Foodler,, and GrubHub.

13. Coupons and Discounts

Providing coupons and discounts are also wonderful ways to allure the customers. It also increases the popularity of your restaurant.

14. Offer Some Products

There are some restaurants, which offer some packed eatables to purchase or order. These products are also the perfect way to increase the popularity of your restaurant and can be the best sources of restaurant marketing. It is also helpful in developing your restaurant as a brand. Also, provide online order facility on your website.

15. Local Ingredient Sourcing and Offer Indigenous Items

When customers come to know that they are consuming the local ingredients, it becomes very helpful in increasing your fan base. Besides, offer some indigenous items in the restaurant. It not only makes your rapport among native people but also among tourists.

Get in Touch with Us for Online Restaurant Marketing

Whatever arrangements in restaurants are required to do, needs your attention. But, for the online marketing, you may require to contact some digital marketing agency. You can get in touch with us and take the help of your expert team members.

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