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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss program is designed to help you legitimately target stubborn fat throughout your body and finally get rid of it. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is based on the principle of burning unwanted fat by triggering the hormones in the body in a healthy way. Since Shaun and Karen released the “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan” program, many people have used it to find the best way to lose stomach fat fast. This program has been very beneficial to people who tried other diets in the past and were not successful. Especially people who have been on low carbohydrate diet previously have found that this is a much better solution that provides significantly better results.

14 Day Rapid Weight Loss includes three days solely devoted to Macro-Patterning in order to jumpstart the weight loss. These are called the deplete day, the carb up day and the free day. Each day serves a specific purpose to getting your body in gear for the upcoming weight loss. This revolutionary method focuses on faster fat loss by tricking dieters metabolism to increase carbohydrates consumption in different quantities on various days of the week. The key to how the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan works is avoiding any hormonal imbalance and aggressive diets that trigger a self-defense mechanism in the body, slowing down the metabolism and preventing fat burn. The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan doesn’t involve intake of expensive supplements or other drugs. It works naturally without side effects. The program is effective for all kinds of people of different age and gender. It guarantees to burn fat in just 14 days.

You don’t have to constantly be hungry all the time because you’re always on a diet trying to lose excess body fat. You remain well fed, satisfied and full of energy. You will be able to eat the kind of food that you love, including pasta, cereals, bread, and other carbohydrates without feeling like you are cheating on your diet. Carbs are needed to fuel the body and it should be the main source of our body’s energy. However, weight loss while eating a diet of high carbs is only achievable if you’re on an active exercise regimen, which is what 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss includes. As long as you follow the unique method of eating that is described in this program, then you should certainly see a significant fat loss during the 14 day period of time.

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Two days ago, I knew that the hot list became a hot topic: Why do some people lose their motivation and desire at a young age, hiding in their comfort zone and just want to survive in comfort?

It means that some young people of our generation lose their enthusiasm and curiosity to struggle at a young age and enter a state of low desire.

Don't want to spend time in the neon lights of big cities, bustling and crowded streets, and magnificent high-rise office buildings. Instead, I want to put away my desires, go back to the small county of my hometown after graduation to take root and find a job with a stable income and a more relaxed and comfortable salary although the salary is not high.

Big cities have the buzz of big cities, and small cities have the tenderness of small cities.

It is impossible to judge which kind of life is right or wrong here. Everyone has different understanding and perspectives of the world, and the lifestyle choices are different.

If you could have survived in a more comfortable way, why have to die the harder road?

Our generation of young people catching up with the good times


When chatting with elders at home, one sentence that I often hear is: "Your generation has caught up with the good times. Living conditions and life opportunities are much better than those of our past. We must cherish and be good grasp."

In the concept of the older generations of my grandparents, they all agreed that our generation of young people is lucky to catch up with the more opportunities given by the times.

Indeed, since we came to this world, we have not experienced any major turmoil and social ups and downs, nor have we experienced the suffering of hunger and war for our elders.

In the 21st century at the peak of technological iteration, a smart phone can feel the world in various forms.

With more resources and development channels, you can buy things online, you can order takeaways anytime you are hungry, mobile navigation is available for travel, Didi can be used for taxis, and you can use video conferences at home for study and work, send a circle of friends, and start a live broadcast. Make money by advertising.

It seems that life is simple and easy. There are opportunities everywhere. You can solve most things in life with just a mobile phone.

In this way, it is indeed quite lucky.

While accepting this fortune, real life has not become easier because of the good times.

Our generation of young people catching up with the good times


Some time ago, I had a meal with friends, and everyone at the dinner table talked about their plans for graduation.

They all sighed in a tacit understanding, the university has studied a very good major, do not know what to do in the future?

I don’t like majors, the university I am studying is not very competitive, the job is too difficult to find, and there is no confidence in love. There is no skill that can be used. People in their twenties are not embarrassed to find a family to take money lavishly. They just want to find a good job and make more money to save money to feel more secure.

When chatting with my peers around me, I often hear people complaining: "Our generation of post-90s is too difficult, too difficult."

The term post-90s, under the instigation of highly fermented social anxiety, has been labelled many similarities by the media networks.

Regardless of whether the post-90s generation is a rebellious, broken, and desperate generation, or a generation who can still cherish enthusiasm and steadily inject energy into society, what I want to express is that our generation of young people born in the post-90s is lucky Yes, but it is actually very fragile.

This kind of fragility is not a sensitive glass heart, nor is it to run away and give up when encountering a little difficulty.

It is a heavy burden on psychological pressure and depression.

It is a silent breakdown and despair. On the surface, it looks calm and positive. It can make fun, jokes, and gossip with people around him in daily life, talking and laughing, without crying or making trouble in front of outsiders, and sensible and gentle.

But the anxiety, confusion, loneliness, despair, depression, and loss that cannot be understood can easily make us shed tears.


We enjoy the times, bring us a sense of novelty that is constantly updated, and at the same time bear more responsibilities.

With the connection to this world, everyone is telling us this chicken soup: "Young people, when they are in their twenties, they have to endure hardship, work hard, and make more money to have a more decent life."

This chicken soup has been taught by our elders since we were young.

In high school, you have to work hard to get admitted to a good university.

After going to university, you have to work hard to find a good job after graduation.

You have to work hard to get a promotion and raise your salary and have a more decent life.

Our generation of young people catching up with the good times

What is a more decent life?

Looking at the white-collar workers who rush to the crowded subway with their exquisite appearance every day, enter and exit the high-rise office buildings with their briefcases in their hands, I am not envious, but a little sad.

If such a state of life is decent, it does not seem to be what I expected.

Such busyness makes us lose ourselves too easily. Then I went back to the rental house after get off work and fell asleep. When I was free, I just wanted to lie on the bed and use variety shows, vibrato, and games to release my tired mood.

Everyone is using the anxiety of the times to tell us to work hard and escape the comfort zone. We are like sponges squeezed forward, afraid to stop, for fear of being eliminated by accident.

This encouragement is harsh to us, even a bit cruel.


It is true that young people of our generation do not want to be casually stable, but it is also true that we are lonely and vulnerable.

Some people are lucky when they are born, and there are many people who cannot choose to be born. Working hard can change the solidification of the class to a certain extent. However, there are still some people who have many limitations and difficult to overcome. Change your circle.

The age of early twenties is a very precious age. I don't want our young people to lose their self and instinctive enthusiasm.

I hope that while having the good things bestowed by the good times, we can also be self-motivated, be moved to learn to enjoy life, be pious and gentle, honest and alert to our inner activities, instead of following the anxiety incited by the times. Pursue those things that you don't like and don't fit.

I hope that no matter what era or label we are in, we can always remain sober and self-aware, transparent and open.

Ease is sometimes not a derogatory term that evaluates young people’s growing loss. It is based on the values ​​of each of us. Most of us sometimes want more of a sense of spiritual belonging and security. Sense, this is simply material that cannot be satisfied. We should look at it from a neutral and objective perspective.

Feeling drunk and gold fans in the big city, the life of Shengge every night is certainly lively.

But in a small city, you can find a stable job close to home. Although the salary is not high, you can accompany your parents in your free time, take a walk with your family after dinner, and have tea with your friends on weekends. Chat, you can spare two hours after get off work every day to do something you like, read books, watch movies, listen to songs, write and write, instead of going back to the rental house after working hard in the big city Falling on the bed to be decadent, isn't it fragrant compared to the slow-paced life in this small city? Very comfortable.

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