12 Best Yoga Poses For Kids | Its Good For Health And Fitness (2022)

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Today’s children are so busy playing video games that they don’t pay much attention to their health.

They don’t realize how vital fitness in everyday life. This blog will tell you about Yoga Poses For Kids that children can use to keep fit.

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1. The Tree — Vrikshasana

Yoga poses for kids

  • Find a point and fix it.
    * Grow like a tree
    * Bend the other leg.
    * Place your foot as high as possible on the rooted leg. Your ankle, your calf, or your thigh should be on the ground. But not your knee.
    * Turn your knee to the side.
    * Bring both your hands together in prayer, either in front of you chest or towards heaven.
    * Keep your eyes open and take a deep breath.
    * Lower your leg slowly, staying straight.
    * Repeat the process with the other leg
    The benefits of this pose include strengthening balance and leg muscles. It promotes calmness and concentration.

2. The dancer — Natarajasana

Yoga poses for kids:

  • Stand straight. * Fix a point in your face.
    * Take a deep breath.
    * Place your weight on one foot
    * Lift the other foot, and move the heel towards your buttock.
    * Hold your ankle or foot with your hand.
    * Lift it gently, away from your chest.
    * Stand straight with one arm extended in front of you.
    * Lower the leg slowly after 30–40 seconds.
    * Continue with the other leg
    It has many benefits: Balance, strength, and flexibility.

3. Warrior 2- Virabhadrasana

Yoga poses for kids:

* Stand up, spread your legs, feet parallel.
* Place a point in front.
* Spread your arms horizontally, palms facing down.
* Turn your right foot 1/4 turn to right.
* Bend your right knee so that your knee is over your foot.
* Keep your left leg straight and your left foot flat.
* Your bust stays vertical and does NOT lean.
* Move your head to the right, and then look ahead at your right hand.
* Take a deep, slow breath and hold it for a few seconds.
* Return to your starting position and repeat the process with the left leg.
Benefits: Increases balance, concentration, endurance, self-confidence, stretching legs, neck, and shoulders.


4. Seated Half Twist — Ardha Matsyendrasana

Yoga poses for kids:

Place your feet on the mat and relax.
* Bend your left knee and place your foot on the ground.
* Allow your right knee to naturally bend towards the floor.
* Lay your left hand down on the ground
* Place your right hand behind your left knee.
* Relax and let your belly expand like a balloon.
* Slowly turn your head and shoulders towards the left with each breath.
As if you were able to see behind you.
* Don’t force your spine, just go slowly.
Do the same on the other side.
Benefits: Stretches the spine, massages stomach and back, and soothes the brain

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5. Half lotus — Siddhasana

Yoga poses for kids:

  • Place your feet flat on the ground and extend your legs in front of yourself.
    Place your left foot on your left thigh and relax your left leg.
    * Place your right leg on your right forearm to rest your left leg on your right thigh.
    * Face the sky with your hands.
    * Your thumb and index fingers can be joined.
    * Close your eyes and breathe slowly, without straining.
    * Half-lotus: We don’t have both feet on the thighs. One foot is placed underneath the thigh.
    Benefits: Helps you regain your calm and learn to breathe.

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