11 Reasons Why Biting Your Nails Is Bad for Your Mouth

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

From a young age, a habit that a lot of people develop is nail-biting. Boredom, anxiety and stress are its main causes. Sometimes by noticing others a few people pick up this bad habit. For your mouth as well as your fingernails this habit is not good. Now I am going to tell you why nail biting is bad for your mouth.

1.Under the fingernails so many germs are present – Beneath the nails the dirt and germs are present. It is very difficult to remove them simply by washing your hands. When your mouth has free access to dirt and germs then your body will be at risk of various diseases. You can fall ill if in your body the germs enter by nail-biting. Your nails need more attention and care. By thoroughly washing your hands you can keep them clean.  

2.For your teeth this habit is not good – To chew the food you will use your teeth. But don’t use them as a tool. Shifting of the teeth can occur due to nail-biting. A retainer or braces may be needed to correct them. The tooth enamel can damage and teeth can break because of this bad habit. In your gums, irritation and infection can occur by germs.

3.Toxic poisoning can occur with this bad habit – You need to quit the habit of biting nails if on nails you apply gel polishes. Harmful chemicals are present in gel polishes and a lot of toxins are present in nail polishes. In the long term, it is not good to bite nails having such kinds of toxic substances on them.

4.Oral STI, lip blisters and facial warts can occur with this habit – If you will chew nails then on your fingers warts can occur. On the lips, mouth, face and other fingers also, warts can spread due to nail-biting. Herpes is a mouth infection that can be sexually transmitted and it spreads because of nail-biting.

5.Foul smell starts coming out of your mouth because of this habit – Bad breath can start coming out of your mouth if you will use your teeth to chew the nails having bacteria. So, stop biting your nails.

6.In your teeth wear and tear can occur with this habit – Your teeth can wear out because of this bad habit. All this happens when you overuse your teeth in nail-biting without giving them a break. This also increases the possibility of chips and cracks in your teeth.

7.Disease and infection can occur – Your body’s part where a large number of bacteria are present are the nails. In your mouth, the entry of bacteria can occur because of nail-biting. Several medical problems can occur when the bacteria reach the sore or open cut present in your body.

8.Issues related to the temporomandibular joint – Your skull and jaw are connected with a particular area and if that area works incorrectly then TMJ disorders occur. Because of this disorder, an improper opening of the mouth occurs and along with this pain or stiffness occurs in that area. Your joint will wear down if you will bite nails more frequently.

9.Issues of gums – It is very important to look after your gums because these are many sensitive areas of your mouth. Soreness and scratches can occur in your gums if you will use your teeth to bite the nails.

10.This habit increases the possibility of bruxism – There are more chances of bruxism developing in those people who bite nails frequently. Due to the subconscious grinding of teeth, a clenching of the teeth can occur known as bruxism. Jaw pain, wearing out of the teeth, pain in the face and headaches can occur because of this.

11.Pain can occur in your jaw because of this habit – Sometimes the pressure that you apply in nail-biting can be very high which can lead to pain in your jaw. The jaw can lock or pop, more pain can occur in your jaw and more headaches can occur because of this bad habit.

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