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Share some HCNP-WLAN H12-321-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In the AP-based load balancing, which of the following description about the dynamic load balancing is correct? (Multiple choice) 
A. Dynamic load balancing solves the problem of limited number of static load balancing members 
B. The number of dynamic load balancing members is the same as the number of static load balancing members 
C. Each member in dynamic load balancing equalization groups is automatically configured and is in different frequency bands 
D. Each member in dynamic load balancing equilibrium group can be configured automatically but must be in the same band 
Answer: AC

About the load sharing of the dual-machine hot backup solution, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice) 
A. VRRP hot backup mode can be applied to load sharing mode 
B. The selection of dual-machine hot backup master/backup device is consistent with the selection of dual-link master/backup devices 
C. The HSB master service will back up the relevant information on the primary device to the backup device 
D. Dual-link backup can be applied to load sharing mode 
Answer: BCD

Agile controller synchronization mode has manual synchronization and automatic synchronization, which of the following statement on the synchronization method is correct? 
A. Agile Controller can only use a synchronous mode, to avoid mutual interference. 
B. Agile Controller first synchronization should use manual synchronization, and then use automatic synchronization. 
C. The synchronization point of Agile Controller Automatic synchronization can be modified. 
D. Agile Controller manual synchronization can only be used three times a day, to prevent artificially increasing network load 
Answer: C

There are two algorithms for allocating VLANs in the VLAN Pool: the sequential algorithm and the Hash algorithm, which of the following are the characteristics of the Hash algorithm? (Multiple choice) 
A. Users online multiple times can be assigned to the same VLAN, IP is usually unchanged 
B. The number of users in each VLAN is evenly divided 
C. The number of users in each VLAN is not evenly divided 
D. users re-online, VLAN is easy to change, IP will also be changed 
Answer: AC

In the WLAN network enabled WIDS function, about the illegal equipment judgement, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice) 
A. All Ad-hoc devices are directly identified as illegal devices 
B. Not the AC access AP is an illegal AP 
C. Not the AC access STA is an illegal STA 
D. Not the AC access STA, also need to check whether the access AP is legal 
Answer: AD

In the dual-machine hot standby, which of the following statement on the HSB backup channel is wrong? 
A. The HSB backup channel between the master/backup AC is recommended to be connected separately to ensure high reliability 
B. HSB backup group and backup service are independent of each other, without binding to make HSB backup group work normally 
C. In the VRRP hot backup, the master/backup state of the HSB backup channel follows the change of the master/backup state of the VRRP 
D. In a dual-link hot backup, HSB channel does not have master/backup state, which is only the data backup channel 
Answer: B

In the WLAN network, which of the following illegal attack detection requires dynamic blacklist function support? (Multiple choice) 
A. Flood attack detection 
B. Spoof attack detection 
C. Weak IV attack detection 
D. Anti-violence crack 
Answer: AD

When installing a remote point-to-point RF communication link, what is the number of kilometers does the distance between the transmitting and receiving antennas exceed, and then need to consider the influence of the Earth's curvature? 
A. 3.3km 
B. 5.3km 
C. 7.3km 
D. 11.3km 
Answer: D

The same frequency MESH networking, 2 AP network transmission bandwidth is about 200M, when add an AP, how much is the average transmission bandwidth? 
A. Up to 200M 
B. Up to 150M 
C. Up to 100m 
D. Up to 50M 
Answer: C

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