10 Ways to Make your Teeth Shimmer This Winter

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

A beautiful smile grabs the attention of everybody present near you. But to get that healthy smile you have to make so many efforts. Your smile can sparkle if you will do various things that I have mentioned below.

1.Brush and floss regularly – You can get a nice smile if you will use some methods for keeping your oral hygiene good. To remove your tooth stains, you need to do regular brushing. A lot of ingredients are present in the whitening toothpaste that is good for your oral health. But this toothpaste does not contain any bleaching agent.

Some people have darker and dull teeth. The reason behind this is the plaque that forms because of bacteria and food particles stuck in between the teeth. To remove that plaque, regular flossing is necessary.

2.Do oil pulling – A traditional method of preventing tooth decay is oil pulling. It is basically a very popular technique. For pulling out the bacteria from your mouth you need to do oil pulling for about 20 minutes. But how will you do this? You have to fill your mouth with olive oil, coconut oil or sesame oil in an amount of one tablespoon and swish well.  

3.Use baking soda – For scrubbing out the stains you can use a mild abrasive known as baking soda. But how will you use it? Sodium bicarbonate is present in certain kinds of toothpaste which you can use to remove tooth stains. However, if you don’t want to buy those kinds of toothpaste then you can make the baking soda paste at your home and do brushing. If you will follow this technique then with the passing of time your tooth stains will go away.

4.Eat strawberries, pineapples and apples – For washing away the acids of the mouth the saliva helps a lot. If you want to boost the production of saliva then eat apples because apples contain malic acid which helps in making the drool.

Tooth whitening can be made possible by eating pineapples because of the presence of a compound in it known as bromelain.

Malic acid is also helpful in tooth-whitening and it is present in strawberries. So, if you will eat strawberries then you can have a nice smile.

5.Use hydrogen peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is basically a bleaching agent and it plays an important role in changing the color of your teeth. If you will use it for just 2 weeks then you will see a noticeable change in your tooth color. Use only 6 % hydrogen peroxide in a gel and do brushing.

6.Use apple cider vinegar – If you want to remove tooth stains and kill bacteria present in the mouth then take some apple cider vinegar in your mouth and swish well. After that, you have to do brushing. For tooth whitening, it will be helpful.

7.Use turmeric – You can easily find turmeric in your kitchen. This spice gives a flavor to the curry. For the purpose of tooth whitening, using a paste of turmeric will be a good idea. But don’t forget to add mustard oil to it.

8.Quit smoking – Tooth stains can occur because of smoking. A recession of gums can take place if you will smoke a lot. Curing the disease of gums is very difficult in those who are smokers. So, if you want to keep your oral health good then quit smoking.

9.Don’t drink too much red wine, tea or coffee – If you will drink so much red wine, tea or coffee then tooth stains will occur. Along with this, stains can also develop in the enamel from the internal side because of too much consumption of these drinks. So, you need to be very careful while consuming these drinks and always use a straw when drinking these because this will prevent staining of the teeth.

10.Drink a lot of water – You can keep your body as well as your smile healthy if you will drink a lot of water. For avoiding tooth decay and cleaning teeth, drinking water helps a lot. Fluoride is considered good for our oral health and it is present in tap water. So, try to use tap water.

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