10 Tips on How to Pack Antiques and Collectibles

by Austin Baines Content Writer

If you are an admirer of the antiques and rare collections then, you know the feeling. It is one of the best achievements to collect and store the antique pieces and show them off like a boss in your house interiors. The problem arises, when you have to move to a new place and shift your antique pieces and collections without damaging them any way or misplacing them anywhere. It is your responsibility to keep them safe, as much as possible. There are certain fragile items moving tips that you need to consider to move to the new place smoothly by keeping your collection safe.                                                                                                                    

Clean well, before packing

Spread all the antiques before you, be it anything, paintings, coins, stamps or items preserved by your great grandfather. Take your time to clean them properly with the required chemical solutions and clean linen cloth. It is better to use a microfiber cloth to clean these antique materials. If there is scoffing anywhere, then just take some wood polish to clean the area.

Think twice before using plastics

If you are planning to wrap up your antiques in the bubble wraps, then your antiques are already in danger. As a plastic absorbs moisture, if your artwork is wrapped in it for a long time, then it can cause mold.

Do not keep them in sunlight

Keeping them in sunlight may make the painting fade away. So, try to keep them in an interior space to avoid any damage posed by the direct sunlight. When you are moving from one place to another, try to load them at last.

Capture your artworks and antiques

Before packing up your artworks and antiques, take your time to lay them down and capture the pictures with your camera. Repeat the same procedure again after unpacking it to match the differences, if there are any. In this way, you will also be able to keep a count of it, if any of the antiques or collectibles gets misplaced.

Avoid acidic materials

When cleaning the antiques, make sure that you do not use any acidic or chemical solution for the purpose. If you put acid on your antique collection, it may cause some chemical effect on it. This may lead to the ruin of the antique collection. So, always do the required research about the materials you are going to use whether they have an acidic content in it.

Take note of the weather

Paintings have different colors in it, which have different chemical compositions. So, before you pack up the antiques, keep the climatic conditions into considerations. If the weather is too hot and humid, then some colors may melt and mess up your antiques. Try to gather information about the storage of the paintings so that they do not get messed up at all.

Separate them for easy transit

Try to separate the antique paintings and artworks from the board or the frame, they have been attached to. However, not all of them have removable frames. Those of which have, take them out of the frame and roll them up or you can also clip them to a board, during the process of transit. This will prevent the frame from getting broken in any way and thus, causing absolutely no damage to the painting. Also, keep some air for the paintings to breathe. This will maintain the artworks at the room temperature.

Save some storage space

You can still save the space if you have many paintings. Creating space is an art which, not every skilled person is blessed with. However, if you want to save the space, just take a hanger stand and hang the paintings to it, just like you would have hanged your clothes. This is not only a witty way to save the precious space but, it can also affect your budget, causing a decrease in the budget slope.

Keep insects away

Apply such chemicals and fragrances or oils to the artwork, which have the chemical composition in it, and can work well to keep the insects away, from the painting. You need to be sure that no bugs come attracted to it, or there are no insects which can rest on it. If you do not apply these contents, then the moths and insects can come and destroy the paper of the picture.

Purchase special boxes for special artworks

It is not the regular carton boxes which you need for packaging the artworks or paintings. You will have to purchase different and specially designed carton boxes to put the paintings inside and also, to ensure that, they get fit in the box perfectly. If these paintings do not fit perfectly, then there remains a chance of their breakage. It will also keep your antique collection safe and secure without causing any damage to it.

It is advisable to hire fragile items removalists in Adelaide who are expert at dealing with antiques and collectibles in a most effective manner. Moreover, they know how precious your belongings are and hence take utmost care.


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