10 Simple Tips to Maintain Cleanliness of Home in Wimbledon

by Glory Clean Professional Cleaning Services

Do you know the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness”? If yes, then you know that cleanliness is a clear sign of spirituality and purity. If you’re not religious, being clean is a sign that you practice good hygiene. However many of the houses mat look clean; but the real question how well do you clean your house?

Do you allow your plates pile up in the sink? Maybe you change your sheets once a month? Many of the homeowners find that cleaning is a tedious task which they don’t enough time for. But keeping your house clean and tidy prevents harmful germs and disease causing bacteria.

Whether you’re considering home improvement or maintaining cleanliness, please take a look at a few useful tips to incorporate into your lifestyle to make sure that your house is clean and fresh:

1. Wash up as soon as you’ve done your meal. Washing up by hand takes so much effort; why don’t you get a dishwasher? If you buy one, you’ll be in good company.

2. Wash or mop all hard floors every week. Vacuum the floors and carpets regularly. Clean the bathroom from sink to the floor using disinfectant. Focus on the kitchen areas that you don’t cover in your daily cleaning routine, like microwave, fridge, windows, disinfecting the bin, etc. Around 2000 dust mites can live happily on an ounce of dust present on the carpet; so it’s worth keeping carpets clean and tidy.

3. Take a day for laundry to prevent dirty clothes from piling up, like Mondays for towels, Tuesdays for bed linens. Make sure you keep your washing machine clean and fresh by cleaning it with bleach.

4. Keep the surfaces clear and clutter-free to make the cleaning easier and to prevent dust from accumulating. You can use the disinfectant.

5. Change the sponges regularly. Daily Mail found that the modest kitchen sponges to be 200,000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat.

6. Consider changing dishcloths and tea towels regularly. Otherwise, it can be a haven for bacteria like Coliform and E. coli.

7. Keep the kitchen sink and drainer tidy and clean. However, it can cost the average customer around £66 to fix the clogged sink. Prevention is a key and is also the right way to save your hard earning pennies literally going down the drain.

8. You should check the fridge for expired food before going for grocery shopping. Around 4.2 millions of food waste in year. The amount of money it saved would be pretty large also! Consider cleaning of the fridge.

9. Change bed sheets once in every two weeks. It can be a great relief that you can easily prevent the population of bed bug.

10. Incorporate a daily cleaning routine in order to prevent building up the dirt particles. Maintaining a daily cleaning routine can in fact help you burn calories on par with the activities in the gym.

Final consideration –
Hopefully, this list of cleaning tasks will help you getting your house a little bit cleaner. Don’t you have enough time in cleaning your home? Why don’t you book Wimbledon cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of your home?

Do a thorough research and make a right a choice for cleaning service to make sure that your home improvement schedule goes on smoothly and effortlessly.

This article is written by Glory Clean, which specialises in providing superior standard Wimbledon cleaning service to leave you with a cleaner, refreshing home.

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