10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Trojan Virus

by James Tyler Best Tech Support UK
Trojans are malicious programs. They perform their actions, without permission of the authorised user. They delete, modify, block, or copy data. Trojans interrupt the performance of computers or network and unable to make copies of themselves, or they can not self-replicate, unlike other viruses and worms. They are classified according to their type of action which they perform on an infected system.

The following classification mention below:

1) Backdoor: This is one of the most dangerous types of trojan. They provide remote administration of victim's system to the master or author of the trojan. They install, run invisibly and launch the product, without any consent or knowledge of the user. Once they are installed into the system, they are instructed to send, receive, delete and execute the files. They can harvest confidential data from the system and login details of the system.  

2) Exploits: They are a type of program, that contains data or some executable code. This code takes advantage of one or more culpability in software running on a local or remote based computer system for destructive purposes. Exploits are used by internet worms, which are used for hacking purposes without any knowledge of a user. Nukes is the vital program of the Trojan; it sends the crafted request to local or remote based computer, which crashes the system. 

3)Rootkit: Rootkit program is designed to conceal some definite objects or activities in the system. In this program, registry keys are used for automatic launch of the malicious program into the system. Rootkits have their payloads.   

4)Trojan-Arc Bomb: This type of programs designed to slow down the performance of the system, it flooded the computer disk with a large amount of empty data. Archive bombs can merely crashes the server. This type of trojan uses three types of a bomb for crashing the system :
a)Malcrafted archive header, 
b)Repeating data, c)Identical files in archives 

5)Trojan-Banker: Trojan banker is designed to steal the online transaction details of the user. Account number, credit or debit card numbers, pin details etc. It works on online banking systems to steal all accounting details of the user. 

6)Trojan-Clicker: Trojan clicker designed to access the internet details and resources like web pages. Some activities of the trojan clicker program are: a)increase the number of visits to the particular websites. b)conduct denial of services on the particular server. c)leading the potential victim to the Trojans. 

7)Trojan DDoS: Denial of services are designed to conduct DoS attack on an infected computer or predefined address. DoS attack involves in sending various requests to the victim computer, but if the computer is under attack, it does not accept these request due to not having sufficient resources to process all the incoming requests. 

8)Trojan-Downloader: Trojan downloader is designed to download and install a malicious program on the computer. They also included Adware sometimes. Once they are downloaded from the internet, they are added to the list of programs which are automatically run on the OS boots up. 

9)Trojan-Dropper:  Trojan droppers are used by hackers for secretly install the trojan program into the system. They protect the malicious program from being detected by antivirus software. Because not all the antivirus software can detect trojan easily. But Norton Activate gives you the full security from trojans and other malicious program.  

10)Trojan -FakeAv: This is the class of malicious program that stimulates the present antivirus software on the computer and also the parts of operating system security modules.This program shows so many pop-ups, so the user worries about the security of their computer, and pay for the fake antivirus software. Trojan fake-Av extort money from the users in return for fake detection and removal of viruses.

This article is about some interesting things about the trojan virus. It gives us information about the fake antivirus. So we should protect our computer from these fake antivirus by using Norton Security product. If you have any doubt about How to Activate Norton Antivirus, you can call Norton helpline number UK : 0-800-084-3613 for how to install Norton antivirus, My Norton Account, fix Norton Antivirus error, Norton antivirus setup Etc.

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