10 Facts about the Body that turned out to be Myths

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A myth is allegory that the society accepts widely but in actual is just a false statement or idea. There are different facts about the body that are listening from a very small age but they are not true at all. These myths are as under

1) Vitamins are helpful in promoting health

It is a belief that consuming a tablet of vitamins a day can keep you healthy but this is not true. Vitamins do not improve our health. They just regulate some processes of our body. Consuming vitamins require great care as their excessive dose can lead to adverse condition. High quantity can hyper activate the hormones and processes of the body that must work at the normal rate.

2) The color of de-oxygenated blood is blue

Since childhood, it is a myth that the de-oxygenated blood that moves through our veins to the heart is blue in color. Yet, this is not the case, the color of the de-oxygenated blood id dark red. In school books it is mostly colored blue to make a contrast with the de-oxygenated blood. The veins that run through our body look blue in color because when the blue light falls on them it gets refracted and thus blue color of veins occurs.

3) White sugar is less healthy than brown sugar

It is a major belief that the brown sugar is far more beneficial than the white sugar. Actually both these sugars are same and contain the same ingredients. The larger quantity of molasses in the brown sugar makes it brown in color. What makes people believe that brown sugar is healthier than the white sugar is that it is less sweet in taste. Actually the brown sugar is less sweet in taste because of the large quantity of water used in its making.

4) Alcohol kills brain cells

Consuming alcohol has adverse effects on the body as it hinders the different metabolic processes going on in the body. It can also reduce the level of oxygen in the body that can result in difficulty in breathing. These harmful effects can make the connections between the cells of brain weak but does not kill the brain cells. The brain cells are not killed by alcohol.

5) Children get hyperactive by consuming sugar

This is one of the common myths. Consuming more sugar means consuming more calories. More the calories consumed more energy uptake occurs as energy and calories link with each other. When the children consume a lot of sweet things the energy moves out of their bodies. Consuming more sweets or sugar can damage the teeth and cause their decay.

6) Nerve cells are unable to regenerate

Inside brain the nerve cells continuously die and new cells regenerate. This is a completely natural process that keeps on going in the brain. When a person is in stress, the chemicals come out that play a major role in the interaction of the nerve cells and make the nerve cells function properly rather than nerve cells themselves. The nerve cells die during the process.

7) Both hemispheres of the brain have different functions

It is a superstition that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity of the body and the right hemisphere helps making us logical decisions. By research this turns out to be true that the left hemisphere helps in controlling certain functions of the body and the right hemisphere controls the other functions. But the scientists are unable to find the people whose one side of the brain is more developed than the other side. The actual thing is that the brain has several parts that all work in harmony to develop creativity and these parts are present both in right and left hemisphere.

8) Eight hours of sleep is necessary at night

It is largely believed that eight hours of sleep at night is necessary to get up fresh in the morning but different people require different amount of sleep. Both lack and excess of sleep can affect the body in an adverse way. Some people need less sleep like for 6 hours and they feel great while others feel exhausted by even remaining in bed for 9 hours.

9) Antibiotics cause killing of viruses       

Just like a bandage does not cure a headache, in the same way the antibiotics do not kill viruses. The antibiotics are effective only against the bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus and do not respond to viruses such as Influenza virus.

10) Consuming chocolate can produce blackheads

One of the myths is that more consumption of chocolate can produce blackheads but this is not true. An experiment was carried out by the scientists to whom they gave a lot of people the bars of chocolate that contained far more chocolate than the normal. The results were compared after that and it was seen that no blackheads were developed after consuming the chocolate. So, it is a proof that it is just a myth.





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