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It away rather than cutting it out here also it's primarily the non-cancer cell that's destroyed the more malignant tumor the more resistant it is to radiotherapy in fact this procedure has all the same limitations and drawbacks Luma repair and surgery plus one more it actually increases the likelihood that cancer will develop the in other parts of the body yes it's a well-established fact that excessive exposure to radio activity is an effective way to induce cancer this has been demonstrated not only among the survivors erosion but a research team at the University at Buffalo recently reported that less than a dozen routine medical x-rays to the same part of the body increases the risk of leukemia by at least  percent and these routine x-rays are nothing compared to the intense radiation used on cancer patient X-rays induce cancer because at least two factors first they do physical damage to the body which triggers of the production of claustrophobia cells as part of the healing process second they weaken or destroy the production of white blood Luma repair cells which is we had seen constitute the immunological defense mechanism the bodies front-line defense against cancer as with all forms have currently popular treatments once the cancer has metastasized to second location there is practically no chance that the radiology patient will live sold in addition to an almost zero survival value radiotherapy has the extra distinction are also spreading the very cancer it's supposed to combat the record so-called anti-cancer drugs is even worse most to them currently in use are highly poisonous not just to cancer but to the rest to the body as well infect generally there are more deadly to healthy tissue than they are to the malignant cell most to these drugs are described as radio mimetic which means that they mimic.

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