Would You Exclude Foreplay for a Quickie?

by Eustacie Charles How Do You Know

Foreplay confuses many women because they don't know where to touch a man to take his desires way up.

Fast forward to the deed and you'd see that it reflects our fast paced world, in which gratification comes quickly, but for what purpose?

Most men want to reach their, to use a better phrase, 'holy grail,' the finishing line, or climax, but the question is, how much can you keep him on an erotic edge before he blows? Will a longer smooch do you good, perhaps?

The fact is, you can take the deed up a notch with foreplay moves suppressed in a quickie and have mind blowing fun.

Activate His Pleasure Trails

In a quickie, time is of the essence, to use a cliche, which explains the proportion to completing the act, 'cause it's often stolen, or rushed to the finally.

A woman doesn't have time to use her fingers, tongue, or body to keep him on a sexy edge. There's no time for that; one option seems to be the ultimatum: get it over with, and fast.

There're risks involve, but do the actors give the risk factors, like pregnancy, or STD, a second thought? Probably not because a quick gratification is the ultimate aim.

On the other hand, foreplay takes time to get your partner red hot for you, so any delay to the finishing line will have to be filled with powerful intimacy capable of bringing your man to his knees. Don't worry, when he gets down on his knees, for he might be begging the booty gods you'd allowed him to get it.

In foreplay, you'd create tantalizing impressions with your fingers and tongue to slow him down from his mindset to run a quickie marathon. His whole body is a system of nerves tied together that, when touched by your fingers, or tongue, will send shivers coursing up the channels of his pleasure zone to send him climbing up the walls.

Many girls have no clue where their partners' pleasure trails are, so foreplay leading up to the deed is missing, which brings dissatisfaction in the bedroom.

Where are His Pleasure Trails?

"It's going to require a strong touch to get the blood rushing to the [areas on his body] and give him pleasure," says Patty Britton, Ph.D., coauthor of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sensual Massage. Nerve endings connected to his moan zones are spread out over his body, and touching, nibbling, or licking, them will cause erection.

Your fingers dragged up from his scarves toward his inner thighs to the base of his spine will send him skyward with foreplay. "The buttocks are where his nerves connect from his spine to his member," says Britton. "Since any area where . . . [his] bone is close to . . . [his] skin is filled with nerve endings, gently massaging his tailbone region extends his pleasure."

You'll find that your touch will wake up sensitive sides to cling to prepare him for the finishing line. "Slide your fingers . . . past his belly . . . toward his lower abs and pubic bone, a very erotic area of his--sensitive to [your] touch," suggested Gardos.

You don't want to rush . . . just take your time. "The longer you wait, the more potentially pleasurable . . . [your naughty deed] will be," says Gardos.

Why rush, when you can control the moment, the moment to savor every sensation and make it last?

You've Got Choices

When you know what you're doing, your foreplay repertoire will not be a trial-and-error exercise. You'll be confident with him, and even direct him on stimulating you and taking your naughty deed to the next level.

On the other hand, a quickie encourages risks, unplanned, and the unexpected can happen: pregnancy, STD, or getting caught.

A quickie decision will be made at some point dating a guy, with your husband, or boyfriend, so there are times when you'll opt for a quickie, depending on time constraints , or locations.

The adrenaline rush in it all cannot be resisted. But when neither time constraints, or stealing romance, defying parents', husbands', or society's prohibitions, an issue,  including foreplay in your bedroom will gratify you.

When compared, you'd have to ask, why would you prefer a quickie in a small enclave, than on a bed in a bedroom, with the lights off and music playing to the rhythms of your bodies, listening to the moans and groans that followed?

In a quickie, you dissolve all desire to discover his moan zones and get him to explore your hot zones.

The question is: should you miss the naughty pleasures foreplay brings you in a planned hookup? It's your call.

Enjoy. . . .

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