With Advanced Hearing Instruments Hearing Loss Is Not A Permanent Loss

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Have you ever wondered what will happen if you lose your hearing ability? You will not be able to hear or listen to the sweet sound of chirping of birds at dawn, sonorous sound of bells in temples, melodious and heart-touching sound of your favourite numbers and so on and so forth. Just think how difficult the life would become, if someone took this very sense away from you. It is indeed very terrible situation to be in, but you need not worry as God has blessed you with this precious gift of hearing ability. However, not everyone is bestowed with this invaluable human feature and for them life is as silent as dead.

Most cases of hearing impairment are innate that is they are present at time of the birth of a child. But the loss of hearing ability is not only restricted to children. This very problem is present in different age groups and after children the highest number of hearing inability disease is found in old age people. However, the reasons of hearing loss in an inborn child or old are different. In inborn babies, this problem persists due to under developed ear drums. But young and elderly people those who suffer with the predicaments of hearing loss have this problem related with Ageing; Wax build up; Exposure to loud sound; and Infection etc.

Effect of growing old:

As human beings grow old they lose their strength and vigor and due to that it also affects their senses as well. And generally older people are prone to hearing loss. But with the help of hearing instruments the problem can be solved up to an extent.

Building up of wax in ear canals:

Wax inside ears is also one of the reasons that make hearing ability difficult. This wax is a substance is dirt which forms at the ear canal area of an ear. The substance of wax is a combination of dust particle and water which forms some sticky kind of lubricant.

Listening to loud sounds:

Hearing loud music or working in an area like construction field where working activities produce unbearable sounds are really a big threat for losing the ability of hearing. When someone receives noisy sounds through any of the two possibilities he or she is bound to be affected by it.

Due to some infection inside ears:

Apart from other reasons, infection in ears is also a major reason for the loss of hearing ability. The infection in an ear can be caused by various situations like boils inside an ear, use of wrong ear drop, use of some metal stick to clean ears and so on.

Loss of hearing ability is bifurcated in two different categories:

Sensorineural Hearing Inability:

Hearing loss of this nature is a permanent loss of the hearing ability. This situation occurs when the inner ear or the auditory nerve is damaged. There is no option for people with their inner ears damaged to get their lost ability once again.

Conductive Hearing Inability:

Hearing loss that comes under this category can be treated and the person with this problem can get his or her hearing power back. This type of hearing loss can occur due to dust particles and fluid that forms earwax at the ear canal. Other than this, the problem of hearing inability can also appear if the eardrum is punctured. The problem of this nature can be restored back by cleaning the ear canal and getting an ear surgery done, respectively.

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