by Tony H. Myandurbiz
Please read below and if you are joining us in this vision, you can invite your Leader prospects to join the next call.

We are looking mainly for people who are like minded and will do their part to bring 20 leaders each.

The FREE SIGN IN PROMO entitles everyone to receive 1000 LCF coins FREE (Value $500) 

Please submit your 20 leader list to your sponsor, who will forward it to me. I will personally check all submitted leaders lists to make sure that each person is an actual person who understands what the responsibility is in this venture, before I submit your list.

All lists must be submitted before the 7th of January(may change) in order for you to qualify. With the recommended 20 personals and a total of 200 members below you, you'll be paid 20,000 coins (worth $10,000).

Please see the below or attached info to know how you can benefit from creating a downline of leaders. Please see the informative links in the pdf Rothschild Family Foundation Revised 2.

If you do not have a passport, you may submit your drivers license.
The information you provide will be kept confidential. The purpose for requesting your Passport or Driver's License information is solely for the purpose of identifying you ONLY.

The numbers will be used as your ID number to setup your account and Website.  The Website is soon coming on or about late January 2017.  It will allow you to access YOUR Coins and your account.

Please understand the Coins currently have a .50 per coin value.  However, like the Bitcoin, it is expected that these coins value will increase to $3.00 upon launch and up to $1,000 per coin in a matter of months.

With this expected value, WE want to ensure YOU are the person who registered to receive the coins AND are the person who will receive both YOUR Website and the Coins.

The Rothschild Family Foundation is a huge financial Empire that owns 40% of the world’s currency.
They have recently established a Crypto Currency Company (LCF) with a top Businessman in China and integrated LCF with the global financial markets. Their main goal is to organize and stabilize the Crypto Currency Market and the Online Marketing of goods and services.
It was announced on 25th October 2016 that they are starting this Crypto Currency with the financial backing of the Rothschild Foundation’s huge Net worth which is an astronomical amount in the vicinity of $1,000,000,000,000,000 (Quadrillion)
No one fully knows their true wealth as they are not registered with Forbes Billionaire listing and some conservatively estimate it around $500 Trillion.
All of the other crypto currencies out there are being mined independently of each other and are not governed by a unified source and body, thus giving rise to arbitrary and self-propelled interests. The result was disastrous as the Bitcoin value unexpectedly crashed from a high of $1,200 to just over $100 but is now trying to recover. Crypto Crashes will happen again and again unless there is a unified body that is powerful enough to sustain and govern it.
LCF Chairman David Mayer de Rothschild, a 6th generation Rothschild, anticipates in the not too distant future, a completely cashless society.
They expect the cell phone/banking era to become the future of Global currency exchange, and in preparation for this age of the Crypto Currency decided to join forces with China to build the Mega infrastructure.
David Mayer de Rothschild (born 25 August 1978) is a British adventurer, ecologist, and environmentalist [1] and head of Sculpt the Future Foundation, a charity that supports innovations and creativity in social and environmental impact efforts. He is a member of the Rothschild family, the youngest of three children of Victoria Lou Schott (born 1949) and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (b. 1931) of the Rothschild banking family of England.[1][2] His middle name "Mayer" is taken from the name of the founder of the Rothschild family banking empire, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
How much property does Rothschild Family own?
It is said that Rothschild financial asset amounts to 5 quadrillion, that they have 80% of the wealth in the world, and 40% of global currency, which is a size beyond imagination.
It is already predicted that top Millionaires and Billionaires will enter into the Crypto Currency market
They are building the infrastructure which can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to fully establish an integrated global currency system with an Affiliate Members Program. Until then, LCF will be in pre-launch and its members will have their back office ready by December. This will be a huge financial empire.
Three Hundred of the top LCF Leaders have met with top officials and representatives of the Rothschild Foundation on November 19th 2016 to discuss and implement an MLM structure with Media coverage present. LCF is on track to combine the best of MLM like AMWAY and the best of AMAZON and ALIBABA in one HOUSE The LCF company decided to invest around 600,000 types of products and services to the public which will include insurance, tourism, health industry, online shopping, logistics services and other services and this includes the building of a Network Marketing Business Empire!
The Rothschild Family has never been controlled by any country in the world for over 200 years and is said to have an independent financial System and operates an integrated financial assets house. It is said that currently the Federal Reserve Banks and Central Banks in many countries are actually owned by them, and their interest income alone from issuing national bonds and currencies is said to be astronomical in number as well, and whoever controls the money, controls the world.
It is also said that the Rothschild Family is involved not only in the financial industry but also in Diamond, Gold, the leisure industry, Department stores, oil, and that the financial Net worth of the Rothschild Family is 5 quadrillion, owning 30% of U.S. dollars and 40% of currencies in the world, which is just beyond imagination. There is a rumor that it is similar to the 1 year GDP of the world and the asset base of Rothschild Family accounts for 80% of the worlds wealth, but nobody knows exactly how much it is.
Internet Protocol is one of the important policies of China. It is proceeding with an ambitious plan of building a global kingdom in the comprehensive online market and logistics service field within 3 years.
LCF is aiming at unifying the currencies of the world by absorbing finances, insurance, logistics, tourism, electronic business transaction and various service companies (stores) as subscribed members and using LCF global digital currency and paying with CNY.
How does one get involved with the new crypto currency and mega online store? THRU LCF, THE ONLY APPROVED SOURCE TO MARKET TO THE WORLD

Benefit for free members, order of ranks, and bonus payment:
1, Free member subscription: 1,000 LCF coins (worth $500) are paid for free only during the promotion period.
2, When you recommend 20 persons and have total of 200 members below you, you are paid 20,000 coins (worth $10,000) and become a Team Leader. 
3, When you have 5 Team Leaders below you, you're paid 100,000 coins (worth $50,000) and become a City Leader.
Benefit for free members, order of ranks, and bonus payment:
4. When you have 5 City Leaders below you, you are paid 500,000 coins (worth $250,000) and become a Provincial Leader.
5. When you have 5 Provincial Leaders below you, you are paid 2,500,000 (worth $1,250,000) and become a State Leader, which is the highest rank.
Those who register in LCF with a Passport number for now, will be provided with 1000 Crypto Currency of LCF coin for FREE worth $500, Valued at 0.50c/coin until the promotion is over.

This pre-launch promotion will continue until late November/early December 2016.

Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Passport/DL Number
Mobile Number
Email address

Attention to all interested parties. Please text me the information required. If you have a passport great, if not, you can sign up with your driver’s license.

Thank you very much,
Toni Horton

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