Why Network Marketing Or Why Not Network Marketing Updated 2015 Overview

by Harry R. Helping Others To Succeed Online Marketing Simplif

Why People To Join A Network Marketing Business

The questions of all questions in our amazing industry "Why are people joining a Network Marketing Business"?
But first of all for all the newbies who never have heard about Network marketing or also known as Multi Level Marketing MLM.
Network Marketing is more than one Hundred years old, when I tell this to people most of them didn t know this, but it is true the basics, the foundation of the network marketing industry is more than 100 years young.
The basic of network marketing is very simple, Buy a Product, Use this product, Be satisfied with this product and tell others about this and when others are interested in this product a family member a friend or a neighbor is talking about it is much easier to buy from these trusted persons than from some one you don t know, I try to explain this as simple as possible so bare with me here :) . 

Buy a product, use this product, be satisfied with this product, tell others about this product, sell them this product, this is network marketing

Years later Amway started with their famous give away baskets, the genial idea behind the baskets was, fill a basket with the best products from the company (Amway) and give them to a friend or neighbor or relative and explain the products what they can do for you and collect the basket after one or two weeks, believe me in 2015 this still works but in those days it was phenomenal! Amway made Millions and Millions with this simple idea.

There are basically 2 ways of generating an income with network marketing A. selling products B. Getting new people into your own organisation and teach them to do the same! 

It is true, there are basically two ways of generating an income with network marketing.
  1. By selling the products from the company you work for and get a tiny commission.
  2. By getting other people interested in the business, getting them into your own organisation and teach and support them so they start doing the same 2 points mentioned right here.

Why You Should Start With Network Marketing

But first lets watch a video together about why you should start with network marketing or why you should not join a network marketing company, interesting!!!

In my opinion the best work from home strategy in 2015 a perfect combination of offline and online network marketing

Nobody wants to sell to neighbors friends or family anymore! This does not mean that the old school network marketing method does not work anymore but wait....there is more!
When you walk on the streets these days you will notice that more and more people are staring at their mobile devices or smartphones than  a few years ago, this means that we can not go without a constant connection to the internet. Internet rules but most online marketers seems to forget the personal connection the personal touchbecause "People buy from people" 100 years ago and in 2015 and in the future!

To generate a Monthly income of $10.000 with traditional network marketing you need a football stadium full of people.

Because of the tiny commissions with traditional network marketing indeed you will need an army of people in yur own organisation, it is perhaps hard to find out but it it the truth and nothing than the truth, when someone tells ou something different, they lie to you, period!
A lot of new exiting with the product of the century network marketing companies are starting every year, the sad truth is that even more does not last 365 days, imagine you put your time effort and money in one of those companies like what is happening now to Wake Up Now, I wrote about this company a few days ago and you can read this article right HERE
Please watch the next video made by the weirdest and most successful marketer on this planet and beyond, he is earning more than $400.000 a month, so if you are very serious about this business you MUST watch this video, it will change the way you think about traditional network marketing, hands down!

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