Why is mentoring important for a new Doterra consultant?

by Steven Jackson Consultant

The qualities of a good mentor is the willingness to share knowledge, skills and expertise, but ultimately guide the Doterra consultant towards success

If you are a Doterra success builder or have achieved that next level of success you have already accumulated a large amount of knowledge and wisdom that can be past onto ones downline.

You may have found that this knowledge was shared with you by your upline and mentor. Which is the you have the knowledge and information to achieve personal success today. I have found that helping someone grow and develop their Doterra business will not only advance their business but advance my own.

Mentoring, pass it on

Why is mentoring importantDoterra success is difficult as is any form of success, however once you get there it’s very likely you have benefited from a number of educators, mentors, motivators, and high achievers who have taken the time to share their ideas and concepts. I have learnt that becoming a mentor for my new Doterra consultants can be just as rewarding and profitable for them as it is for me.

As I have already said, success is not always easy and most of the time we have to earn the skill and knowledge through trial and tribulation until we have achieved that level of success we have been striving for. Sadly, in some cases we don’t ever make it.

As a Doterra consultant I have accumulated vast amounts of business and practical experience and a slew of marketing and financial wisdom and insights. So, I don’t waste all of that powerful knowledge by keeping it all to myself, I share it with my team by using varies methods such as personal mentoring,  one on one Skype chats and weekly newsletters given information and knowledge on how to be successful as a Doterra consultant.

So, if you have achieved success or acquired knowledge, it is your turn to give something back and mentor someone else by selecting a active consultant in your downline.

The best method I have found is to take someone from my downline who is starting out and give them the benefit of my knowledge and expertise, such as:

  • Advising to go through the Doterra membership and business overview
  • Encourage to find 3 people interested in becoming a Doterra consultant
  • And support them with ongoing drip feed of information such as marketing and of course mentoring their own team

There truly isn’t a better legacy that you can leave to your business career than doing your part to make it a little easier for the next dreamer.

You have it in you to change lives for the better!

Qualities of a good mentorPersonally, I have found that mentoring relationships allowed me to gained more and more business experience and knowledge about Doterra, because when one is mentoring one is also leaning. However, I still reach out to those who are more knowledge than me, for advice, counsel and the benefit of their encouragement. I believe we all need a mentor, because we gain so much knowledge from others which can’t be achieve any other way.

Having the qualities of a good mentor means that today I reach up for new knowledge and advice and the next day I can pass down that knowledge to the next generation of Doterra consultants.

So, once you have achieve Doterra success, it is the smart move to pass that knowledge forward. Remembering all those times someone offered you this opportunity to be successful. They of course helped you move forward in your career and explained to you all the most difficult points and teaching you how to get the same results. So, morally you have an obligation to pass everything on.

What goes around comes around

Doterra success mentoring check list

  • Do the Doterra membership and business overview with your mentor / upline
  • Keep in contact with you mentor
  • Ask advice
  • Keep it simple
  • Your not alone, this is a team event
  • Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything at the start, it will come in time
  • Find three people interested in becoming a Doterra consultant and then teach them to find three people interest in becoming a Doterra consultant

Why is mentoring important on a selfish driven standpoint?

The reality is that our success is ultimately connected to your downlines success, so by imparting ones hard-won wisdom into a few ambitious individuals and rising superstars in your team, it will be to everyone’s benefit as well as pride of what you have achieved.

Check list of the best qualities of a good mentor

Below I have written a check list of what I would regard as the best qualities of a mentor in Doterra 

  • Share skills, knowledge, and expertise
  • Positive attitude and a positive role model
  • Personal interest in the mentoring relationship
  • Enthusiastic
  • Ongoing learning and growth
  • Provide guidance and constructive feedback
  • Ongoing personal and professional goals
  • Values the opinions and initiatives of others
  • Motivates others by setting a good example

If you want to gain the qualities of a good mentor in Doterra Click here and enroll as a Doterra wellness advocate. Once you have enrolled reach out to me straight away so we can get started straight away. Or PM me and I will get back to you asap….

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