Why Glucosamine Supplements are Boon to Aging Dogs

by Jackson Clark SEO Executive
Dogs are one of the most reliable and trustworthy pets for humans. We all have seen a great relationship between humans and dogs since centuries. They are our best buddies. Irrespective of the cultures, dogs are being treated as a pet animal and dogs are considered as a part of the family. Dogs tend to have a short life cycle averaging around 10 years. Initial years for dogs may be very enthusiastic for dogs but slowly and gradually, you might observe the changes in dog’s physique owing to the age. Dogs tends slow down with the onset of the age, however it is not just the age that amounts for weakening physique. Like humans, dogs also suffer from joint pains. Joint pains are usually accompanied by laziness and overweight. Dogs are very active but many breeds are not really that enthusiast about staying healthy. Joint pain leads to less walking and sitting idle for hours adding more to the problem.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a natural nutrient found in the body usually having higher percentile in the cartilages. Glucosamine is responsible for repairing the tissues such as cartilages. Glucosamine productions slows down with the aging dogs. Naturally, like the humans, Dogs experience decrease in their body functionality over time. With reduction in Glucosamine, dogs experience joint pain and it can lead to many problems related to joints. With less amount of Glucosamine for Dogs produced, it cannot repair the cartilages and hence joint pain takes over with time.

Glucosamine Supplements

Since the body cannot produce glucosamine, the only other option is to take glucosamine in form of supplements. Supplements are simply a source of nutrients which are taken as the body tends to produce lesser quantity or body need more nutrients to enhance the functionality. Usually the common use of supplements is observed among the body builders who take protein supplements to increase the muscle mass. Even though it is controversial about their usage, Supplements are great way to cope up with the reduced demand of specific nutrients. Glucosamine supplements for dogs are very effective way to fill up the required usage of glucosamine in the body. Such supplements when given to dogs, will replenish the glucosamine demands and aids the dogs with any joint pains such as arthritis or hip pains. It naturally repairs the cartilages surrounding the joints which brings back the normal functionality of the joints

Benefits of Glucosamine Supplements

• Glucosamine works as anti-inflammatory substance which helps reduce the joints pain of dogs.

• Glucosamine repairs the joint cartilages which can help avert the pain naturally, leading to increase in agility

• It serves as a lubricating medium for the joint hence can help with the daily wear and tear of the joints which is one of the prominent factors of joint pains

• Glucosamine supplements are completely safe to use and side effects are rarely observed, only under extreme conditions when the dog is suffering from a condition.

• Since you cannot repel the aging process, it certainly helps to the joints for retaining the natural movements of the joints, hence making the dogs as active as before see more here.

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