Why Do Office Workers Suffer from Hemorrhoids?

by Alex W. Writer, Researcher

Hemorrhoids are a widespread problem nowadays. A lot of people suffer from it and many ways of treatment have been found during the last time. The first step to get rid of the problem is to find out its source. There are several main reasons why hemorrhoids can appear. 

It is well known that the person’s lifestyle determines everything, including the physical condition and health. Too long period of sitting during the office work is the most common reason for hemorrhoids nowadays. People lead passive life and spend a lot of time sitting: they sit at work for 8 hours minimum, in the transport when coming home and even at home they sit at the computer or watch TV. When a person sits for hours without any physical exercises and even movements, most of his/her heaviness is placed on the lower part of a body. Many people do not pay much attention to this danger until they face it themselves. It is better to prevent the problem by doing some simple exercises, making pauses during the working time and having more active lifestyle. Of course, it is difficult to change some habits, but nothing can be more important than a personal health condition. Next reason of hemorrhoids comes from the first one. People’s sedentary life leads to chronic constipation. Each time when a person is constipated, the anus area experiences an undesirable stress, which can cause swellings and inflammations. One should not underestimate it. If it happens too often, the problem of hemorrhoids can appear.

Besides this main source of hemorrhoids, there several others: 

  1. Heredity – it is quite an understandable reason. If one of the parents suffers from hemorrhoids, a child has a high chance to face it in the future. Usually, it is not a thing that is discussed openly, so some people don’t even have an idea about their family genes.
  2. Age. It is well known that people muscle tissues become less elastic, and it can bring several problems, such as hemorrhoids. About 50% of the population older than 50 years starts to suffer from this problem sooner or later. This reason can be closely related to passive lifestyle and office work, as people spend about half of their life working. 
  3. Being overweight. When a person weights more than it is allowed, it causes many different diseases and hemorrhoids are one of them. The odd weight creates pressure on all organs, including the anus area.

As one can see, there are many different reasons of hemorrhoids, but a person can control and avoid most of them.

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