Why Affidavits Do Not Protect You

by Smith Alon Sr. Consultant

For anyone involved in child care, it is important to understand that an affidavit or waiver signed by a parent will do no good if something happens to a child while in your care. Although it sounds good, no parent can sign away a child’s rights by signing such a document. The only purpose it serves is to inform parents that a day care provider does not have insurance. If something should happen to a child while in your care, the parents can still sue, and if you have any assets at all, they can be lost in a law suit. Many people have a house with equity that has built up, but this will be the first asset that an attorney will go after.

You may think that an affidavit will discourage parents from suing you, but there are problems with this line of reasoning. Even parents who hate the thought of suing may be quick to change their mind when their insurance company does not pay for medical expenses incurred while in your care. In this case, they will most likely call an attorney. In the end, an affidavit carries little if any legal weight, and the value of one as a deterrent to lawsuits is questionable.

Fortunately, there are day care insurance policies for those working out of their homes as well as commercial day care centers. These policies offer a variety of levels of protection, and you can choose the right coverage for your particular situation. One of the areas that a policy will cover is with negligent supervision. This happens when a child is hurt because the day care provider was not diligent in watching a child.

This is one of the most common reasons for a lawsuit. You may think you are a great child care professional, and this would not happen while you were on the job; however, you don’t have to be guilty of anything to be sued. If a parent wants to blame you for an accident, it is possible to be sued. This is the main reason for insurance. It is your insurance company that will fight for you against frivolous lawsuits.

Other aspects of day care that can be covered with an insurance policy include trips with children while away from the primary location of the day care facility. This can include insurance for accidents happening during transportation. Claims against you over various types of child abuse can also be contained in a policy. Medical coverage is also an important part of a good policy. At good rule of thumb for insurance is to have a minimum of $20,000 coverage on each child in your care. You may need more than this; it will depend upon your circumstances.

Day Care Insurance Services was offer this type of liability insurance and is recognized by the National Association of Family Childcare. Their website should be your first stop when shopping for insurance for your childcare business.

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