When Casino Sites Buy Casino Traffic…

by Aaron Harris Web Traffic Expert

What do you think will happen whenever casino sites buy casino traffic?

Some disbelievers think that traffic buying is something that only black hat users do to improve their traffic. Some even think that you really don’t need to buy casino traffic because it’s useless.

But despite what these people think, lots of casino sites are still purchasing casino targeted traffic to meet their traffic needs. Believe it or not, those casino sites that are now on the top of organic searches have tried (and are still doing) traffic buying. So you’ll wonder again…

When casino sites purchase traffic… what does happen to their sites?

Here are some things that “changes” on these casino sites after buying traffic.

1. Reduction of internal bounces – No, we’re not talking about bunnies or funny pogo sticks here. These bounces are visitors that immediate leaves your website without doing anything right after it arrives on your site. Bounces usually happen when either non-targeted visitors are sent to your site or your pages are not really giving any good information to your viewers.

You can actually fix this when you send visitors that are interested on your site. And in this case, the best solution is to buy casino traffic.

2. Increase in conversion rate – Now that we’ve mentioned the word interested, you may want to think of this scenario. If you, a person who loves playing casino, were sent to casino website, will you be encouraged to try the site?

Of course, you will! It’s because your interest and that website’s role match! And when a certain person interested in playing slots or roulettes was sent to a website that offers the same services, that person will most probably play his way through your site. That will spark his curiosity which will encourage him to pay for your services.

3. Dramatically boost traffic counts – It’s understandable if websites that buy casino traffic had a sudden increase in traffic based on the number of traffic that they bought to their site. But what if these sites’ received traffic more than what they have purchased? Do you think it’s plausible?

It is, thanks to a certain kind of traffic called “REFERRAL TRAFFIC”

Referral traffic is generated when a certain visitors has shared your content (or maybe your URL) because that visitors was contented with the information that he/she received on your site. Visitors that are also interested on your niche (which are also exposed to the information that was shared by your original traffic) may visit your website as well. These are now what we call referral traffic.

This scenario only happens when your initial traffic are contented with your site. So to make this possible, you need to optimize your website and get visitors that are initially interested on your niche.

So with those facts listed, we could say:

When casino sites buy casino traffic… their sites improve greatly!

Now that’s something!

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Dylan Robinson Junior  Swim Coach
You can buy casino traffic now? Dude I had no idea this even existed!! LOL well I only play casino games, yes, but who knew you can now buy traffic? Cool!
Jan 7th 2016 19:45   
Ashton Bicknell Junior  Editor
Oh how that does sound pretty effective. Great tips for newly launched casinos in order to build a stable reputation. Since there are so many fake casinos lurking around, it's good to start strong with traffic.
Jan 13th 2016 21:22   
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