What's the Rush?

by Dayna M. Beachbody Coach
I so love my bed.  It is a totally comfy, king size bed, with a great big thick gel mattress on it. A really cool fluffy, puffy mattress cover that makes the bed look ginormous.  I have my favorite colored purple sheets and pillow cases for bed linens.   A country style duvet with huge throw pillows adorning the giant headboard.  It is the centerpiece to my bedroom and absolutely the most inviting sight you see when you enter the room. I have saved to get big fluffy down filled pillows to add to the comfort and appearance.   I love, totally love stretching out in it and just vegging.  Especially after a hard days work!
Oh my gosh. I worked so hard yesterday that when I got home, I had a bowl of sugar pops, (my fav!) took a shower and fell into bed without even drying my hair.   I truly think I was asleep before any part of my body hit the bed.  Not once did I awaken during the night.  As a matter of fact, I was sleeping so soundly that if my dog had not barked for me, I would have probably slept the day away!

When I awoke to Henry’s barking I looked at the clock and noticed I had to be at work in 15 minutes.  YIKES!
So of course, I jump out of bed at a dead run.  Grab my clothes, my dog Henry, and ran, or I should say slipped down the stairs to opened the back door for Henry. As I swung the door open I avoided hitting the wall with it by using my big toe as a door stop.  I let Henry out to pee as I am now alternating between jumping on one foot and limping around the family room trying to get one leg in my scrub pants. 

Oh great! Now, I have to pee, so off I go. 

In front of our downstairs bathroom is a gate my husband and I use to keep Henry enclosed in a hallway area while we are at work.  The gate is one of those child’s protection gates with the little holes in it just big enough to get let’s say…hmmm your toe caught in if you don’t lift your leg high enough as you step over it.  Of course I lift my leg high enough and make it safely to the toilet. I can multi task so I finish putting on my clothes and socks as I am sitting there.  Who knew sitting on the toilet could be such a good place to get dressed?

Henry is barking wanting to come in so I jump up and take off running while pulling up my pants.  I have to open the door before he wakes the neighbors at 5AM with his barking.

I don’t know why,  perhaps it was because I was not fully awake yet or maybe I am just an idiot and don’t realize Earth has gravity but I have chosen this morning to test the theory that I can leap tall buildings, I mean leap a three foot gate in a single bound.  As I attempt to jump the gate my already stubbed big toe catches in one of the holes of the gate and I fall flat on my face.  And I mean FLAT on my face.  I did not even put my hands out.  I just landed flat on my face!  Seriously, who does that?  I mean, I’ve heard people say they have landed flat on their face but no one has really done that. Until now, of course! 

I just lay there stunned. I keep saying to myself. “You just landed flat on your face. Seriously, who does that? Nobody does that. That’s who!  Just you Dayna!”  Over and Over in stunned disbelief I keep repeating this statement!

Finally I get up and let Henry in.  I not so hurriedly walk upstairs to brush my teeth.  After putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, I shove it in my mouth. I look up at myself in the mirror and stop brushing and stare. I went to bed with my hair wet.  I think I slept on my face! My bangs are standing straight up!  My head actually looks like it is crunched on one side and on the other side of my head, the hair is sticking out almost straight from my ear up.

It is not a pretty sight and with the toothbrush hanging out of my mouth and tooth pastes dripping down my face, I am glad my husband’s asleep.  Or else, He would probably call animal control convinced he had a rabid dog in the house! 

Today is a pony tail day, I decide.  I fix my bangs with a hot hair dryer as best I can, grab my bag and head for the door.   I run outside.  Slam the door only to realize I forgot my car keys.   So I have to come back in and run upstairs,  get my keys and leave again.  This gives just enough time for….as I turn to go down my porch steps I run face first into …yes.. The yard sprinklers! When the water hit my face it felt like a slap.  Stopped me in my tracks I tell ya! I stood there for a second ready to cry.  That second was just long enough to get hit again.  I dropped to the steps and just sat there.  Probably because subconsciously I really wanted to wet my hair to fix it.  That had to be the reason because why would someone who was just smacked in the face twice with freezing cold water, take a seat in the exact same spot for it to happen again?! 
So begins my Friday

If this was your morning, what would come next? Would you scream? Perhaps swear a few times? Call in sick?

What do you think I did?

Life is so amazing.  Close your eyes and think about it for a minute.  You are told that at the rise of the sun is a new day dawning.  The mark of a new beginning, a chance to start over.  With the rising sun you can set new goals.  Make new decisions. Leave the past behind.  The dawn of a new day can be the start of a new you.  With such a promising possibility why spoil it by getting mad.  You know what I did?  I started laughing.  Laughing so hard.  It felt so good to laugh at myself.  I jumped up and just turned in circles for a few more seconds letting my hair get soaked. I then went into the house to change my clothes and fix my hair.  As I was changing and drying my hair,  I thought about what had transpired. I knew when I got up I was going to be late.  There was no way possible I could get to work on time.  I knew that as soon as I jumped out of bed, but still I ran through the house like a mad woman trying to accomplish the impossible instead of calling work, saying I was going to be a few minutes late and then getting ready.  What was the rush? I don’t know. Nothing. 

Life goes by so quickly.  We rush and rush from one moment to the next, running our lives away. Missing out on precious moments because we are in a hurry for nothing.  Did you know on the way to work I saw the most amazing moon this morning?  It was huge and beautiful.  I would never had seen it if my clumsiness had not slowed me down. 

I learned a valuable lesson from my craziness this morning.  Slow down, don’t move so fast, you got to make your lifetime last. Look for fun. You've got to feel groovy!

Those are not all my words but you get my point. Why wait for tomorrow to make a new start? Why does the sun have to rise in order for your new start to begin? 
Every minute, every second, every breath is a chance at a new beginning.  Laugh at yourself, slow down and enjoy the day. After all, what's the rush?

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