What's the better controller?PS3 controller OR XBOX controller

by Barbara Tu fyygame

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The age old debate of which controller is better, the PS3 Dualshock 3 or the Xbox 360 gamepad has raged on for years. Today,will perform an analysis on Racers.

Racers: Forza Motorsports 2 (Xbox 360) vs. Gran Turismo Prologue (PS3)

daytona Racers rely on two important things, horizontal movement and acceleration and deceleration. Considering that the horizontal movements in racers are always gradual turns, twitchy analog stick reaction is not necessarily important. However, the acceleration and deceleration does play an important role in playing racers.

PS3_trigger xbox_top

Most racers utilize the Xbox 360 triggers or L2 and R2 on the DS3 to accelerate and decelerate. I can see that Sony wanted to make the L2 and R2 buttons more like race car pedals, where you experience increasing pressure or resistance the more you press the L2 and R2 buttons.

The Xbox 360 triggers are a single solid spring action press, similar to that of a trigger of a gun, hence the name triggers. Once fully depressed you actually experience less resistance.

In theory, the PS3′s DS3 ‘triggers’ look good on paper, but perform poorly in practice. Due to the increasing resistance of the buttons, a gamer will start to tire from holding on the the trigger for too long. Gamers will even start to lose grip of the buttons after holding on for a long time. In contrast the Xbox 360 gamepad’s triggers, once fully depressed offer very little resistance ensuring less fatigue and longer gameplay time.

See what gamer said

I'm a little torn on the subject. I've been a long time gamer for both the playstation and xbox. I've had to open both controllers to fix them. I suppose the winner for me would be the playstation controller even though I have trouble with sticky analog sticks. It is a minor annoyance, but the xbox controllers have caused me more problems down the road.

Playstation controller:

1. The directional pad is a bit awkward if you're trying to use it on any of the diagonal directions. I've always had a problem with that design.
2. The analog stick tends to stick a lot for me. I've cleaned it out several times, only to have to manually move it in the opposite direction to have it stop.
3. The bumpers at the top occasionally stick as well. Usually it's just from accumulated dirt. Nothing that a little cleaning could fix.
4. Uses a usb cable to recharge to the controller

Xbox controller:

1. Kind of big and bulky. I have smaller hands and find it difficult to use the directional pad. The plus side is that it allows better control of the diagonal directions.
2. In general my xbox controllers have outright broken. I had to cannibalize one controller to replace parts of another. Broken bumpers and buttons. Xbox controlller seems to be more prone to damage.
3. The recharging cord has broken twice for my controllers forcing me to use batteries. This isn't a bad thing, since I relied on rechargeable ones. It can be very expensive if you rely on regular alkaline batteries. Still, it would have been better if I could use the recharging cable. It wouldn't be such a problem if the cable was a standard one like the playstation uses.

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