What Will Happen in August 2014?

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New global project attempts to foresee the future.


Fayetteville, AR – May 1st, 2014 -- This could be the most controversial initiative of 2014. The National Dream Center’s latest project is dubbed, Project August, because over the summer, the staff will be predicting what will happen in August 2014. But there’s a catch…                                           

The team will only be using other peoples’ dreams to make their predictions. “There’s nothing like this that’s ever been attempted at a collective level,” says the NDC’s director, Chris McCleary. “We believe the key to the project resides in the number of dreamers.” Perhaps this is why they made it free and anonymous to anyone wanting to participate. 

“The only real requirement is to make a pre-sleep intention and remember the dream…it’s that simple.” Chris went on to describe how people can benefit from these two simple steps: “People can learn how to incubate dreams, learn how to remember them, and they may even startle themselves by how accurate their dreams end up being come August.” 

Chris and his team are adamant that they have a representative mix of all types of dreamers, from people who barely remember dreams to the more advanced lucid dreamers. “We welcome every type of dreamer, from anywhere in the world.” 

Precognitive dreaming, or the act of dreaming future events, is a well documented phenomenon, at least at the individual level. Many historical dream accounts exemplify this, ranging from an exact warning ahead of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 1977 plane crash to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and many more (Moss, 2010; Van de Castle, 1994; Wilson, n.d.). 

Several recent studies and surveys express the same positive evidence for precognition. Professor Dr. Patrick McNamara (2011) estimated that 50% of the population has had at least one precognitive dream, while Lange, Schredl, and Houran reported between 17.8% to 38% respondents in their large-sample surveys had at least one recent precognitive dream (Wilson, n.d.). 

However, this project differs from many past studies. The dreams from Project August will be hermeneutically stirred together before analysis. The team looks for trends, metaphors, and images in order to create a pallet of mathematical probabilities. “It’s just as much an art as it is a science,” says the director. 

The National Dream Center invites anyone and everyone to help in Project August. “All we’re asking for is a handful of dreams from each participant…we’ll deal with the rest.” Dreams have been utilized for numerous purposes all throughout the ages…has humanity found yet another use? We’ll find out in August. 

About the National Dream Center 

The National Dream Center is concerned about integrating consciousness, dreams, and the future. They collect and analyze dreams primarily for their predictive characteristics and their publically-searchable database attracts thousands each month. Visit for more information. 


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The National Dream Center

Chris McCleary


1722 N. College Ave, #113

Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone: 479-214-3885

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