What is Keyword Clustering and How to Do it?

by Hammad Rafique Content Writer
This article is the second part in our series on How to use Long Tail Pro. You can view the introductory video here which covers each of the broad steps and you can view part one of the series on brainstorming keywords here. This particular article will cover part 2 of the process, which is to re-organize and group you seed keywords logically in preparation for using the seed keywords in Long Tail Pro. Now this step isn’t mandatory and many people simply employ an ‘ad-hoc’ search method, firing off different keywords in completely unrelated niches. I do think, however, taking a little bit of time to group your keywords logically first, will make your searching and assessing more efficient and organized.Why is keyword clustering important?

Starting a new site is time consuming to begin with, but then it also takes effort and resources to maintain the site on an ongoing basis. Rather than building a single site for every keyword, it can be a good idea to build one site where you can potentially test out several phrases. Building a site around several related phrases also adds to the ‘strength’ of your site and gives it potential for expansion into an authority site and also the potential to draw traffic around those multiple phrases. Using your keyword clusters to build a site also provides better value for your visitors as it is helpful for readers to be able to view content on related topics in one place. So how do we make our keyword clusters? 

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Taking your seed keywords and putting them into keyword clusters is relatively easy. You simply go through your seed keyword spreadsheet that you created in part 1 when you were brainstorming seed keywords and you move the keywords around so that you have related topics grouped together.

Once you’ve grouped your seed keyword list you may find that you can already see potential for other keywords that are related to the ones you already have in your keyword list. Now is the time to slot a few extras in if you think of something along the way!Ready to get going! Now we are at the stage where we are ready to move onto Step 3 of the process which is to actually get in there and start our Long Tail Pro keyword searches! Let’s get cracking!

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