What is infertility? infertility treatment centers in India

by Ganika Sharma Advertiser
In true word’s Infertility is the inability to conceive or becoming a pregnant even after a year. As we all know that not only women but men also may suffer from the problem of infertility. However, there are many reasons due to which this problem of infertility is increasing day by day. Out of all those basic reasons some main reasons are given below: -
1.    Today we see that due to increasing stress on the minds of both men and women they use to suffer from the problem of infertility.
2.    Due to the hectic schedule many times problem infertility also arises.
3.    Many times due to the fast paced life both men and women has to suffer from infertility problem.
4.    Imbalanced urban lifestyle also pours a bad impact on fertility rate of both genders.
5.    Another main reason is late marriage or in other words we can say that delayed marriage also raises the problem of infertility.
6.    Sometimes due to some harmful environmental toxins which get accumulate in the human body also pours an adverse impact on the fertility power of both men and women.
Due to the advancement in technology today many health care centers are opened throughout the whole world where problem like infertility may be treated very successfully. Normally to solve the problem of infertility problem in couples IVF is the best technique. In true words, we can say that IVF is a Test- Tube baby technique which is mainly developed to treat such a female whose fallopian tubes get “damage” due to certain reasons. However, infertility treatment in India is getting popularity day by day due to the advancement in technology.
Let’s start discussing that how IVF treatment works: -
Generally IVF treatment in India use to begin with hormone therapy so that several follicles may get develop in the female ovary which first of all collected as eggs and then get fertilized in the female ovary so that several embryos may  create. But after the period of two or five days these cultured embryos from an incubator get transferred through the vagina to the male uterus. After that implantation takes place and the period of pregnancy begins. In IVF method which is a regular origination in it surplus developing lives get solidified so that in the case if one incipient organism falls flat then the other may be attempted.
The one of the  main side effect of IVF treatment is a multiple pregnancy and the other one is that in some cases it is seen that sometimes many women may over react to the hormone drugs but ultrasound and many hormone monitoring treatments are applied to check the overreaction of these sorts of drugs. During the whole procedure of IVF treatment process of collecting egg may prove to be difficult sometimes which use to be performed with the help of local anesthesia. But the important point which is also of great importance is that as the patients age use to increase with the passage of time the chances of success rate of IVF treatment also starts decline. Sofat Infertility Centre is one of the best clinics for infertility treatment centers in India

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