What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

by Russell Sandra Health Professinal

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is sexual disorder which is summarized as inability to gain or maintain a penile erection during sexual intercourse.

An erection of penis is a hydraulic effect of blood flowing and being engaged in genitals within the penis. This process is initiated as an outcome of sexual excitement, when signals are transferred from the mind to nerves of the penis. Erectile disorder is specified when a penile erection is difficult to develop. There are various circulatory causes, leads to the problem of Erectile dysfunction, but the most important causes are heart related diseases and abnormal blood sugar level, problems related to nervous system, inefficiencies of hormones and sides effect of prescribed drugs

Ways of treating ED:

Before reading about the various ways fo treating Erectile Dysfunction, we must read the below not carefully;

Note: Personal Diagnosing of your own ED is a bad idea. If you have any problem in gaining the penile erection, it's your first move that consult a doctor before following any sort of cure. There must be a Scientific Explanation about your problem, and your physical as well as sexual health history may play a considerable role.

1. Injections

Sometimes a medical professional and a urologist might suggest you treatment through INJECTIONS, and inject it into the base or in the side of the penis, with the help of tiny needle or by inserting supporting device into urethra.

The drug which is injected inside you is the alprostadil drug is a man-made version of prostaglandin E1, a substance which if of hormone-like that acts likewise to ED pills. Some injections blend alprostadil drug with other medicinal drugs like the vasodilator papaverine and the alpha-blocker phentolamine—to intensify its efficiency.

2. Suppositories

This treatment is for the man who does not prefer to use injection treatment or have a phobia of needles; a suppository known as MUSE—consisting of the drug alprostadil—is also avail, even though it is less considered than the shots. It is said by Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, director of the division of urology at Maimonides Medical

Center and professor of clinical urology at Columbia University in New York City. "The injection cure is a direct supply of drugs to the penile genitals, whereas the suppository is put in the urethra and when it is enthralled, it loses some of its strength,"

Both methods have the same complaint: That both the ways of treating the ED whether it is “Injection” or “Suppository” is very time consuming and men a lacking the sexual activity.

3. Pumps

Penis vacuum pumps Is a matter of laugh in the films of Austin Powers, even though pumps are quite efficient for increasing blood circulation toward the penile genitals and also are cheap and easily available.

This process consists of pumping air out of the tube jerks blood circulation into the erectile nerve. To remain erect even after removing the pump, it's a good practice to slip-up a cock ring on the base of the penis.

4. Constriction rings

This is also called as "Cock rings" which had to be worn around the base of the penis, and it will reduce the speed at which blood leaves the penile genitals. These constriction rings won't able to increase blood circulation towards the penile genital; rings can maintain an erection for a long period of time once one is achieved (using a vacuum pump, for instance).

There is a limitation that rings should not be utilize for more than 30 minutes and should be detached as soon as you experience cold, numbness, or pain in the genital area.

5. Implants

The next way is to implant the penile; the technology behind penile implants is improving day by day.

Implants are divided into two categories:

Inflatable implants: These are cylinders which are placed inside the erection compartments of the penis and bloated by a hydraulic pump placed inside the scrotum.

Malleable implants: These are kind of partially-firm, bendable rods which are placed inside the penile genitals, those rods can then be operated manually into an upright or flaccid position.

6. Surgery

Vascular surgery of Erectile Dysfunction is hardly implemented but can be a last option for some men. Dr. Shabsigh said "There are patients who can benefit from surgery, but the percentage is less than 1% of men who faced ED," "It's the equal to a coronary artery bypass and there are very less expert surgeons in the country who do it."

Last But not the Least, The natural and safer than any other treatment is:

7. Pills

There are many male enhancement pills available in market those can fight erectile dysfunction by relaxing smooth muscle in the penis, a process that improves blood circulation and enables an erection.

The efficiency of these phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors is well documented. "ED drugs are 70% effective in overcoming the problem of Erectile Dysfunction who hurdles penis to achieve hardness for sexual activity," states in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The enhancement pills are mostly considered as safe treatment. They may have some Side effects like headaches, indigestion, but all are usually insignificant. "There are some of the safer enhancement pills on the planet,"

The Best male Enhancement Pills are:
You can have a view on this numerous alternative remedial suggestions:
· Virectin
· Androzene
· Cyvita
· Ageless male
· Test X180
· VIswiss
· Extenze


We believe above is a list of good product to treat weak erection, low libido and other male sexual problems. In the right there is also a best male enhancement product which helps you in every aspect of your physical growth you are concerned about.

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