What do you know about kidney stone?

by Camili Smith Medical Consultant
Kidney stones are described as minute stones which start advancing in the urine that are associated with superior levels of calcium, phosphorous, uric acid which is also termed as cystine. This condition is said to occur due to a variety of reasons which are listed below:
• Improper amount of liquid present in the urine which does not allow the dissolving of the stones.
• Genetic aspects like cystinuria.
• Chronic diarrhea.
• Making use of certain medicinal products.
• Incorporating the meals that contain higher amounts of sodium, supplements of calcium etc.
• Urinary tract getting infected on recurrent basis & leading to blockage.


They lead for about 80% of such forms & are quite common among the individuals according to their intake of calcium. It is said that the extra amount of this mineral hat gets accumulated leads for the occurrences & forms stone in urine. These calcium stone are again classified into 2 types namely calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.
All the patients who suffer from genetic aspects which include cysteinuria which is predisposed into enhanced amount of eradication of cystine into the urine & thereby causing such formation.
They cause the infection of kidneys & lead for about 10% to 15% of such conditions. Females display higher predisposition for the development of struvite stones & this basically happens due to acute infections of urinary tract. They also cause certain complications internally & can be treated through surgical measures.
This occurs due to the enhanced levels of uric acid forming stones & account for about 5% & mainly occurs in those patients who are non-vegetarian. Physicians recommend that the intake of alcohol, reduced amount of urine, gout etc. also contribute to such happenings.

Keeping such aspects in mind, the medical experts recommend that people must drink adequate amount of water on regular basis to keep such complications away. They must not incorporate meals which contain proper amounts of calcium like spinach, tea, soy-products, lady's finger etc. The intake of calcium supplements like milk, cheese etc. must be done as per the instructions of the health expert. This will help to keep you away from kidney stones.

Not only this, but also there are various medicinal products which help to cure & successfully overcome such fatal conditions. Allopurinol is a medicinal drug causing prevention of formation of uric acid & helps for the dissolving of the stones when consumed as per prescription.

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