What are the purpose of Smart shops & head shops

by Jackson Clark SEO Executive

The days when smart shops thrived in Amsterdam are a thing of the past

From the time when Dutch government prohibited the sale of dried magic mushrooms as well as fresh magic mushrooms by decree, loads of Amsterdam smart shops were forced to close and concentrate on online sales.

This implies that magic mushrooms are sold any more, though potent replacements like Dragon’s Dynamite are can be easily got at smart shops/stores and online.

Smart shop

During 2008, in excess of 40 smart shops/stores in Amsterdam were there and they sold self-styled ‘smart drugs’.

Among the trendiest products happened to be magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms include psilocin as well as psilocybin, substances which, on being consumed, have intense psychedelic effects.

Smart shops & head shops

Like the self-styled head shops in a different place (such as England) as well as grow shops, smart shops sell drug associated paraphernalia such as pipes, Smoking Paper, vaporizers, grinders, weed seeds as well as home grow gear for mushrooms and marijuana.

Magic truffles

Even though magic mushrooms are currently outlawed, truffles are available, containing the natural constituent of psilocybin. On being consumed, they have an effect analogous to magic mushrooms.


Even if the effects are greatly dependant on the individual having the drug and the surroundings he/she is in generally sensatory sensations alter and the majority of people feel stress-free.

Bad trip

People having bad experiences could feel perplexed, aggravated or experience terror attacks, obsession and misery.

Length of trip

The fact is that the effects of truffles are not as long-lasting as mushrooms.

Magic mushroom trips begin with 5 hours and are able to last as long as 7 hours while truffle trips are able to last between 2 and 5 hours.

Moreover the effects are a bit more delicate as well as milder.

Smart shops – what are sold here?

Besides magic truffles, products that are on sale at smart shops in Amsterdam pare Peyote cactus, energizers, herbal XTC, aphrodisiacs, hallucinating seeds & pills to aid a person in recovering from hangovers of alcohol and ecstasy.

There also are appliances existing, which aid you in testing the quality of mdma (XTC) & cocaine.

Purchasing from online smart shops/stores

Those on a vacation to Amsterdam are advised against carrying any smart on the flight.

They are able to purchase grow kids, magic truffles, vaporizers, cannabis seeds, and all sorts of herbal and chemical drugs effortlessly online.

Those wanting to procure smoking pipes, hand pipes, smoking paper, Stash Cans and more should head for head shops


Imagine finding a plant having the possibility in alleviating post-traumatic anxiety disorder, suicidal ideas and paralyzing nervousness. Many think that ayahuasca is able to do these though it is also known to trigger hallucinations like magic mushrooms at

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